The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Girl I Like and I Welcomed The New School Term

Episode 6 of The Girl Like Forgot Her Glasses begins with Komura meeting Mie in school. She’s filling out a Nagamori Original Sweets point card to get herself sweets. Mie says she has to send it away before her card expires. Komura offers to travel with her to the post office to submit the card since Mie’s unfamiliar with its location.

A group of male classmates calls Komura over. They ask him if he wants to visit a new arcade, but Komura declines because he wants to set time aside for Mie. Mie feels like she’s intruding on Komura’s time and tells Komura she’ll be fine visiting the post office alone. Komura says he doesn’t want her to go without her glasses, but Mie says she’s wearing contacts, despite Komura knowing she isn’t wearing them.

Their teacher asks Mie to read an excerpt from their textbooks. Mie struggles to read one of the terms, so she pretends to cough, and her teacher lets her off the hook. Mie learns she needs to attend a different classroom after reading things on the board. Some friends offer to help her, but she refuses because she doesn’t want Komura to know she needs his help. Komura’s friends try enticing him to attend the arcade with them, but he’s worried about Mie.

Mie visits the wrong classroom, so she heads for a different one. She admits she doesn’t want Komura to miss hanging out with her friends just for her but feels lonely being on her own. Komura finds Mie and tells her he got the rooms confused too. Mie tells Komura the truth about not wanting him to abandon his friends for her sake. However, she admits she likes having him around but doesn’t want to keep him for herself. Despite Mie telling him to attend the arcade with his friends, Komura thinks of an alternative plan.

Komura takes Mie to the convenience store since he recalls it has a post box. Komura places Mie’s point card inside. Mie departs to let Komura visit his friends at the arcade. After Spring Break passes, Komura and Mie visit their school’s auditorium to receive some awards. After confronting his fears of standing in front of a crowd, Komura and Mie return to class to undergo the seating arrangement process with the other students since they’re in their third year of school. Unfortunately, Mie and Komura aren’t sitting next to each other, as she’ll be sitting next to Azuma.

Mie learns she’s sitting in the wrong seat after another female student tells her. She heads to Komura as he realizes she’s sitting next to Someya, lightening his mood. Komura introduces himself to his new seating buddy Hibuchi but wishes he was sitting next to Mie again. Hibuchi visits Mie and asks her to switch places with her because she has sight issues. Mie complies and sits in her seat.

The episode closes with Komura feeling thrilled to sit next to her again and wanting to know more about Mie.

The Episode Review

Although time is moving too swiftly in this series, this episode gives viewers some enjoyable dramatic bits between Komura and Mie. It appears Mie’s starting to develop a more intimate connection with Komura. From her worrying about taking up his time with his friends to her constantly looking behind her seat to spot Komura, fans can tell she’s developing romantic feelings for the guy. 

Komura’s character continues to be a mixed bag. While some fans can understand his feelings for Mie, others may find his static presence and mindset jarring and less authentic. His consistent need to be with Mie makes him feel uninteresting to follow as a lead. For instance, it’s weird for Komura to act aggressively toward Azuma despite Azuma telling him he’s rooting for him. 

Hopefully, future chapters can develop Komura’s character more to prevent him from feeling bland and more enjoyable to observe. Overall, episode six delivers some nice development for Mie’s character and some dramatic tension between her and Komura. Although this anime hasn’t delivered anything too spectacular outside of slight visual improvements and minor character development, it has time to leave a substantial impression. 

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