The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

I Met With The Girl I Like On Valentine’s Day

Episode 5 of The Girl Like Forgot Her Glasses begins with Komura traveling to town to buy his mother ketchup. He notices some Valentine’s Day gifts lying around and wishes Mie presented him with chocolates. Mie bumps into Komura and asks him what he meant by that. Komura’s embarrassed because he doesn’t want Mie to know he likes her yet and doesn’t want to get rejected.

Komura tells Mie he must go to the supermarket to change the subject. Mie and Komura arrive at the supermarket, and she admits her mother wanted her to get them mayonnaise. She remembers Komura’s statement about him wanting something and brings it up to Komura again, startling him. After trying to change the subject again, Mie puts everything together and remembers that Valentine’s Day is coming up. She asks Komura if he wants her to get him chocolates, and he’s worried about getting rejected. However, Mie says she planned to make and give all her friends chocolates, easing Komura.

Valentine’s Day arrives. Komura watches Mie (without her glasses) hand her friends chocolate. Komura contemplates if he’d rather receive chocolates from Mie if she liked him. Mie visits Komura but realizes she ran out of chocolates. Komura tells Mie it’s fine. Mie and Komura stay after school. Mie tells Komura that she’s willing to do one thing he wants to make amends for forgetting the chocolate. Komura asks Mie if he can hear him out about something. Unfortunately, Komura can’t muster the courage to confess to Mie, but Mie says she’ll await the day he can and remember to bring her glasses. She finds a spare chocolate and gives it to Komura.

A month passes, and Komura wants to give Mie sweets for White Day. However, Mie’s not looking too well since she’s trying to cut down on sweets. Mie asks Komura to help her overcome her addiction. Suddenly, Azuma and another boy hand Mie sweets, making it hard for her to fight the urge to devour them. Komura asks Mie if she’d like him to hold onto those candies, but she denies him. Before she eats Azuma’s sweets, Komura hands her the candies he wants to give her for White Day.

The episode closes with Mie eating Komura’s sweets and thanking him.

The Episode Review

The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses picks up this week compared to the previous episode. While it still feels disoriented sometimes, it contains decent tension between Komura and Mie. Although Komura doesn’t confess to Mie, his reasons for choosing not to are reasonable. Many viewers will side with him on wanting the situation to feel more meaningful if Mie could see him confess. 

Furthermore, it would be better from a story standpoint, since these characters still lack depth. While the situations between them were mildly humorous in this episode, it would’ve been better if the anime had dedicated more time to exploring our characters as individuals. So far, nothing about Komura and Mie stands out.

For instance, an episode dedicated to exploring Mie’s life at home or with her family would make for an interesting chapter. Considering she relies heavily on Komura to watch out for her, this shows there could be some drama between her and her family. The same can be said in Komura’s case, as his schtick in this anime is starting to get mildly irksome.

Overall, this was an okay episode with some relatable scenarios and compelling humor. Hopefully, the anime fleshes out these characters better before the finale. 

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