The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

I Chose a Pair of Glasses For the Girl I Like

Episode 4 of The Girl Like I Forgot Her Glasses begins with Komura bumping into Mie as she tries to buy coffee at a machine without her glasses. Mie purchases Black Coffee on accident and asks Komura to drink it. He doesn’t want to after realizing Mie made indirect contact with it. Komura’s running late for school the next day and spots Mie, realizing she’s late too and that she forgot her glasses again. He notices Mie’s worn-out attire, embarrassing her.

Komura informs the audience he arrived late to school because he was writhing at the fact that Mie was worried about what she looked in front of him. Another day passes. We spot Komura carrying Mie to the nurse’s office after she sprained her ankle and broke her glasses during P.E. Class. Komura questions if Azuma is rooting for him and Mie to get together. The nurse’s office is empty, so Komura asks Mie to sit somewhere for a while. Mie winds up standing on a beam scale, and Komura notices her weight, resulting in funny banter between them.

Komura notices Mie struggling to put a document on the bulletin board and tries to help her. Azuma swoops in and posts the document on the board since Komura and Mie are too short. Komura feels saddened for being short, but Mie comforts him and tells him she likes that he’s not tall like her. Komura spots Mie reading something with tears in her eyes. She explains that her friend made a joke, resulting in her laughing hysterically. Komura ponders what Mie looks like when she laughs.

Komura’s classmates spot a heart-shaped cloud in the distance while others start taking photos to annoy their teacher. Komura notices Mie’s struggling to see the cloud, so he takes a photo and sends it to her at night. Mie’s thrilled while Komura’s worried it was a weird decision.

Komura spots Mie wandering the halls the next day, and his classmate Someya calls him over to show him she has Mie’s glasses. She puts Mie’s glasses on Komura, making it difficult to think and see clearly. He gets into an intimate position with Someya, and Mie notices them. Mie pushes Komura aside while Someya laughs at her. Komura spots Mie with her glasses on the following day. Although he’s upset that she won’t need his assistance, he’s glad she’s doing alright. However, he forgot his textbook, so Mie asks him if he wants to use hers to return the favor. Mie acknowledges how close he is to her now that she has her glasses on, embarrassing Komura.

Komura travels with Mie to the glasses shop again because she wants to replace the ones she lost. Mie wants to try on more glasses than before and needs Komura’s help since his dad isn’t available today. Komura struggles to give Mie a solid opinion on the glasses she tries on. He tells Mie–regardless if she is or isn’t wearing glasses, he thinks she looks great. Mie chooses glasses that look like her usual pair. Unfortunately, Mie tells Komura she slept with them and broke them the following day.

The episode closes with Komura wondering if he’ll need a stable income if he’s going to continue looking after Mie.

The Episode Review

We continue following the everyday shenanigans of Komura and Mie in this week’s chapter of The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses. This episode felt like it lacked direction and was all over the place. There were moments when it was difficult to pinpoint if events were taking place on the same day or the next one. Moreover, this series feels like it’s trying to emulate The Dangers In My Heart’s successful format by placing random events together to produce a cohesive and meaningful episode for fans to watch. 

Unfortunately, most of these random occurrences could’ve been made into separate episodes to give us more meaningful drama between our protagonists. For instance, the bit between Someya, Komura, and Mie would’ve been great if it was fleshed out more. It’s obvious Mie was jealous seeing Komura share an intimate moment with Someya, despite the situation being a misunderstanding. It could’ve led to great tension between our characters and would’ve helped them grow out of their shell a bit. 

Instead, we proceed to more goofy scenarios between them. While they’re not downright terrible, it’s a shame this episode focused on a topic that was already covered decently in a previous episode instead of giving us something fresh and exciting.

Overall, this wasn’t a great episode of The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses, but it wasn’t terrible either. Hopefully, the Valentine’s Day chapter scheduled for next week will spice things up for this series. 

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