The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Girl I Like Picked Up A Letter

Episode 3 of The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses begins with Komura spotting Mie acting like a cat in front of a plastic bag at school. He realizes she forgot her glasses again and plays along so no one thinks Mie looks weird. Afterward, Komura spots his school’s popular boy Azuma helping Mei find something and gets jealous about the scenario. Mie thanks Komura for helping her, but Azuma tells her he helped her. She apologizes for thinking he was Komura.

Mie meets with her female friends the next morning. They warn her to stop forgetting her glasses since she might get wrinkles, enticing her to go to the female restroom to look at her face. Meanwhile, Komura arrives at school and wonders if she forgot her glasses again. Komura enters class and becomes bewildered by Mie’s beauty. He can’t get the encounter out of his mind throughout the day. Fortunately, Mie brings her glasses the next day and asks Komura to teach her how to play shiritori so she can defeat her friend Asuka.

After playing shiritori with Komura, we cut to the two performing their cleaning duties. Komura spots a roach crawling in Mie’s direction and distracts her to let it pass by. However, a girl spots it, leading to Mie jumping into Komura’s arms and asking him to dispose of it. After sharing a somewhat intimate moment with Mie, Komura spots Mie with a love letter addressed to Azuma. Komura tells Mie it’s from Azuma, and she takes it, returns to class, and hands it to Azuma.

Azuma takes the letter and thinks Mie likes him, upsetting Komura. Mie’s friends ask her if she loves Azuma, but she doesn’t know what’s happening. Mie tells them she likes Azuma, but Komura knows it’s all a misunderstanding. Komura follows Azuma to the restroom and sees him read the letter. Komura’s worried about the situation and returns to class. Komura asks Mie what she thinks of Azuma because he’s worried she has actual feelings for him. Mie says she likes Azuma and him, but Komura wants to know what she means.

Azuma approaches Mie with a response, worrying Komura. Komura looks at the letter and realizes Azuma knows he likes Mie. Azuma tells the other girls that Mie delivered someone else’s letter. Komura tells Mie what the letter said and the episode closes with him having a changed opinion on popular kids.

The Episode Review

The latter half of this episode saved it from being a fully disjointed mess. It gives us various scenarios developing the connection between Komura and Mie, but everything feels out of place and lacks consistency. From the cockroach cleaning duty situation to dedicating an entire segment to Komura being starstruck at Mie’s looks, many scenes could’ve been removed to maintain a set focus. 

Although the gag involving Mie forgetting her glasses fits with the anime’s title, many viewers may find the joke getting a bit stale. While the anime finds ways to make Mie’s reasons for forgetting them different, you’d think she’d set a reminder for herself to not leave her home without them. We were told early on that Mie’s a bright student and not an aloof one. 

It goes against the narrative for the sake of giving audiences a hit-or-miss piece of comedy. Despite this episode lacking in many areas, its latter half saves it significantly. It was touching seeing Azuma recognize Komura’s feelings for Mie and jotting down that message for Komura to read to her. Although we don’t receive much about his background, it’d be great for him to connect with Komura more. It could give our male lead a chance to develop and become someone worth rooting for down the pipeline.

Overall, this episode was fine at best. It had many lows, but a few highs that fans will adore. Hopefully, the next chapter gives our characters more depth and meaningful encounters that aren’t plagued by repetitive gags or lackluster intimate scenarios. 

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