The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap & Review

I Want To Practice Cooking With The Girl I Like

Episode 12 of The Girl Like Forgot Her Glasses begins with Mie asking Komura what his plans are for the future as they fill out their planning survey forms. Komura doesn’t tell Mie what his goals are because he secretly doesn’t have any plans. As for Mie, she informs Komura that she once dreamed of becoming her father’s bride as a toddler and shows him a picture of herself during that time. 

Currently, Mie says she doesn’t have a dream she wants to accomplish. However, she wants to own a fish and get married one day. Mie tells Komura she’s been dabbling in cooking to prepare herself for marriage and shows him a picture of some omurice she made. Komura finds his preschool album at home. Unfortunately, this leads Komura to a dead end. During dinner with his mother, Komura questions what Mie’s omurice tastes like and ponders what life would be like eating dinner with her. 

At school, Komura writes down one of his future goals. He wants to become Mie’s husband but contemplates if that’s a weird thing to jot down. Suddenly, Mie arrives and notices the term husband written on Komura’s survey. She asks who he’d like to marry but Komura doesn’t tell her, upsetting Mie. Thereafter, Mie and Komura attend Home Economics class, but get designated to different groups. Komura’s upset that he didn’t get grouped with Mie and won’t be able to try her cookies. 

Komura tries helping his partner out but is distracted by how close Azuma is with Mie. Azuma suggests Mie shape the cookies into arcade tokens since Mie aimed to make them look like coins. He tells Mie that Komura would appreciate the cookies looking like tokens. Another classmate named Yasaka tells Mie it’d be a bad idea since Komura had a rough experience with tokens at the arcade. Yasaka proceeds to air out Komura’s strange arcade habits to Mie, bothering Komura. 

After pondering, Yasaka tells Mie that turning the cookies into tokens should be fine. Thereafter, Mie notices Azuma’s cookies are shaped like birds. Azuma says it reminds him of a lady who lives next door. Mie asks him if he has feelings for this lady. Azuma says the person is a college student and won’t look at him in that way. He asks Mie if he can copy her to see if it’ll help him usher the courage to tell the woman how he feels. After practicing with Mie during class, Azuma departs. 

Meanwhile, Komura is bothered by their exchange and gets more heated when he overhears female classmates asking Mie what she and Azuma are doing. Komura leaves after hearing Mie’s compliments toward Azuma. Mie chases Komura down and the two visit a place to grab some water and chat. Mie hands Komura a bag of her token cookies and tells him she made them for him because she thought he was hungry. She starts doubting her speed, but Komura comforts her with compliments. 

Komura sees a commercial with children on it at home and recalls the photo Mie showed him. He looks through his preschool album and is baffled by the awkward photos his mother took of him. After having an embarrassing encounter involving his nosebleed park photo with Mie and her friends, Mie asks Komura if he’d like to walk home together. Mie takes Komura to the park and asks him to wait for her while she visits her home to retrieve her glasses. 

Mie returns and asks Komura if she can see the photo again. Komura says he left it at school, upsetting Mie a bit. Mie asks him how he got a nosebleed in the photo and Komura says he failed to do a back hip flip. Mie asks him if he can perform a back hip flip now, and Komura says he can. After several tries and motivation from Mie, Komura successfully pulls it off. Mie snaps a photo of the occasion and tells Komura he can’t show anyone else.  

Mie attempts to perform a back hip flip and fails. She asks Komura if she is wearing shorts under her skirt and he says she is. The episode closes with Komura getting a nosebleed after seeing Mie’s attempts at the back hip flip. 

The Episode Review

Compared to the previous episode, this chapter felt more consistent than the previous. Every event tied into each other well, from Komura and Mie discussing their future to Mie handing Komura the arcade token-shaped cookies she made during Home Economics class. They all led to a touching and motivating segment at the park that fans will enjoy. 

Furthermore, this episode tackles the notion of embarrassment and angst well. While it’s weird for Komura to be cautious around Azuma after all the good things he’s done for him, many people who are in love with specific people tend to feel what he’d feel in that situation.

As for Azuma himself, it’s nice getting to see him fall for someone, even though he doesn’t have a chance with his crush. It gives his character a bit of depth. Hopefully, a future season (if one happens) can expand upon his character more alongside the other supporting cast members in this series.

Overall, this was a charming episode of The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses. It had some questionable content and weird visuals at times. However, it provided an excellent portrayal of shame and jealousy that many lovers will get behind. Based on the final episode’s preview, it appears Komura might be ushering the courage to tell Mie how he feels. Only time will tell if that moment happens or not. 

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