The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

On the Day of the Cultural Festival, The Girl I Like and I…

Episode 11 of The Girl Like Forgot Her Glasses begins with Komura and his mother discussing the upcoming cultural festival for a bit. Komura arrives at school and notices Mie on the ground looking for something. Mie finds her piercings, which baffles Komura because he didn’t know she wore piercings. Komura contemplates the thought for a while until lunchtime. Mie reveals the piercing is actually a bead because she doesn’t wear piercings. She’s using the beads for a project she’s working on for the cultural festival. 

Komura says he doesn’t look great with piercings despite his family suggesting he get his ears pierced. Mie puts a bead near Komura’s ear and says he’d look cool with them. Komura returns home and ponders if he should get his ears pierced. The following day, the students are shown preparing for the cultural festival. Asuka asks everyone if they can stay around seven to help her finish things for it. Someya asks Komura if he and Mie kissed yet, annoying him. Mie tells Someya she can stick around and help with the preparations. 

We cut to Mie and Komura helping out Asuka, Someya, and the others with cultural festival decorations. Komura takes a break and notices Mie’s phone’s on the floor. Mie asks Someya where Komura ran off to. He hides behind one of the curtains to avoid Mie seeing him look at her cell phone messages. Mie picks up her phone and tells Asuka she needs to go home. Mie heads to the locker area and Komura follows her. She grabs his shoes by mistake and flees home with Komura trailing behind. 

Komura hears Mie cry, so he plans to give Mie her shoes tomorrow. He knows she’s about to get scolded by her mother for not telling her she’s staying over at school late. However, he develops a change of heart and visits Mie’s home. He tells her mother that he wore Mie’s shoes by mistake and wants to return them. Komura tells Mie’s mother that’s why she arrived home late and departs. Komura wonders if he made the right decision. 

The cultural festival begins. Komura reads an excerpt written by Mie, detailing things she’s been up to in her life. He visits the school’s gym to look at Mie’s plushie she made. Komura overhears Mie and Asuka conversing with each other. He walks over to Mie who is now observing his cultural festival exhibit. Komura’s worried Mie won’t be impressed by it. Later, before people start presenting their projects on stage, Mie runs off somewhere and Komura follows her. He spots her sitting outside somewhere and accompanies her. 

Mie tells Komura she read his diary entry at his exhibit and liked it. She asks him if she can see his face, but Komura refuses her because she has her glasses on and can see him fine. Mie reflects on how much fun she’s been having as of late and thinks she’s been acting selfishly. She tells Komura she likes looking at his face because it calms her. Komura asks Mie if he can look at her face for a change, and Mie says he can. After looking at Mie for a bit, Mie tells him he’s like a dad to her.

Mie wonders if they’ll get in trouble for sneaking away from the cultural festival. The episode closes with Komura contemplating Mie’s words about him being like a dad to her. 

The Episode Review

The cultural festival is finally upon us in The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses. While it wasn’t as eventful as many would like, some fans will enjoy the brief intimate conversation between Mie and Komura outside the school. At the same time, many won’t be pleased by Mie viewing Komura as a father figure to her. This is strange since Mie mentioned her feelings toward Komura a couple of chapters ago.

Hopefully, Komura finds a way to change Mie’s perspective of him in this season or in another one if it happens. At the same time, it was nice seeing Komura stand up for Mie when she was getting scolded by her mother. While he has his oddities, Komura’s not entirely strange and will make solid decisions to protect those he cares about.

The side plot involving the piercing dilemma didn’t add much to this episode in the grand scheme of things. It would’ve been better if the episode had cut that content out in exchange for spending more time with our characters doing things at the cultural festival.

Overall, this was a decent episode of The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses. While our characters haven’t confessed their romantic feelings for each other yet, there’s still time for them to do so. Hopefully, the next chapter gets us closer to that event. 

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