The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses – Season 1 Episode 13 Recap & Review

The Girl I Like and I Made A Promise

Episode 13 of The Girl Like Forgot Her Glasses begins with Mie arriving at school with her fashion glasses. She asks Komura to put them on and requests he take a selfie and send it to her so she can see what he looks like. Komura says he doesn’t want to take the photo here. Mie remembers she had a case in her bag and realizes her authentic glasses are inside. She laughs and tells Komura he’ll need to wear the fashion glasses for the day. 

We cut to a new day at school. Mie and Komura’s instructor informs the class about an upcoming entrance exam as we see Mie and Komura notetaking together. Komura fantasizes about Mie’s hair while Mie’s friend Tohayama calls her over for a second. She ties Mie’s hair with a red ribbon and Komura thinks she looks adorable with it on. Komura continues contemplating Mie’s new appearance for the remainder of the day until she eventually removes the ribbon. 

Mie leaves her seat in class to have Tohyama tie her hair again since her soggy hair slightly ruined Komura’s English textbook. Komura and Mie chat about his interests for a bit while walking home together. Komura waves goodbye to Mie. However, before he gets far from her, he spots Mie meeting a former friend from her elementary school days named Ise. Komura departs feeling a tad jealous. Things continue as normal during their next day of classes with Komura helping Mie with her assignments. 

When Mie brings up meeting her elementary school friend but forgetting his name, Komura contemplates. He worries that Mie will forget him one day despite all they’ve been through together. While helping a teacher out with some boxes, Komura chats with Bucchie about Mie and her forgetfulness. Bucchie tells Komura that there’s potential for Mie to stop forgetting things altogether. Afterward, Komura returns to class as his teacher reminds them to study for their entrance exam during their summer break. 

Komura and Mie walk home again. Mie brings up the entrance exam while Komura says he’ll be spending time with his folks over the Summer. Mie’s sad because she won’t get to spend more time with Komura because of his trip and they must focus on studying. Komura jokes about Mie forgetting her glasses, but internally, he’s still worried that Mie will forget about him someday. The day of the closing ceremony arrives and Komura notices Mie’s wearing her glasses.

Mie brings up Ise to Komura and counts how he’d tease her for forgetting her glasses. However, she notes how Ise is completely different from Komura, filling Komura with joy. The students receive their assignments. Komura questions if Mie will forget him once she finally stops forgetting her glasses permanently. He wonders how he can make her remember him forever. Komura and Mie visit the park again and head for the slide’s hidden locale. 

Mie uses the opportunity to stare and touch Komura’s face with her hands. She asks him to do the same, leading to an intimate stare-down between them. Afterward, Mie tells Komura to take out his phone. She sends the selfie picture she took of them from the previous episode. Before they leave, Mie asks Komura to not forget about her during the break. Before she goes, Komura tells Mie he wants to see her again before the summer break and Mie accepts. 

We cut to a flashback depicting a younger Mie and Komura at a shop. Mie tells Komura Ise stole her glasses. She says it’s a common thing Ise likes doing, but her dad said it’s because Ise likes her. Komura asks Mie if she’d like him to accompany her home. Mie tells Komura he’s a kind fellow and reminds her of her father. Mie recounts how she always forgets her glasses and hopes she can find a husband as kind as Komura. 

Mie waves goodbye to Komura and he rushes home. The episode closes with a view of Komura’s phone and his selfie with Mie. 

The Episode Review

The final episode of The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses has finally arrived, and it was a mild finale at that. It had some touching segments between Mie and Komura that fans will adore. From the brief flashback between Mie and Komura during their younger years to the intimate stare-down they had in the park’s slide section, many can feel the tension and heartfelt emotions in the air. 

At the same time, this doesn’t feel like a proper way to conclude our tale. With summer break vastly approaching for the two, it feels like fans got left on a cliffhanger with this episode instead of a solid finale. Although no second season has been confirmed (so far), it’s safe to assume one could happen if the anime does well financially. 

While it was heartwarming, the episode had its share of issues. Mainly, it felt like we were retreading old ground from previous chapters as far as the whole “staring into one’s lover’s face” debacle is concerned. Furthermore, the whole situation with Ise was lackluster. While it provides Komura’s fans with a sigh of relief, it would’ve been interesting if the story played into that dynamic more in past episodes. 

Although there’s a chance for Ise to crop his head up in future seasons to give Komura a worthy rival, there’s always a chance he was a one-and-done plot device with the purpose of reassuring Komura that he has no competition and won’t be forgotten.

Overall, this episode, while delightful, wasn’t the finale many would have hoped for. Nonetheless, it leaves the door open for future developments between Mie and Komura. We’ll have to wait and see if GoHands gets the green light to continue exploring their dynamic further. 

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