The Foolish Angel Dances with the Devil – Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Still Foolish Angel and Demon

When The Foolish Angel Dances with the Devil Episode 3 begins, Lily is outdoors, waiting for Akutsu to arrive. He makes an effort to lighten the mood, but she is extremely critical of him. She proceeds to tell him that they are going on a demon hunt. She cautions him against keeping secrets from her in the event that he feels the presence of demons. However, Akutsu detests betraying his own kind.

Following that, Akutsu and Lily embark on a demon-hunting adventure. Lily finds out that a certain disease is specifically targeting females. She has doubts that a demon is behind it. Following this, she targets all of the places where the epidemic seems to be on the rise.

As Lily and Akutsu sit in a cafe, they see Hirota’s unsettling gaze peering at them through the window. Hirota feels envious of Akutsu’s bond with Lily. However, Akutsu makes it clear that Lily is just giving him a tour.

Then Yuka, Hirota’s childhood friend, follows closely behind. To make Yuka envious, Lily tells her that Hirota asked her out on a date five times after she upsets her. In the aftermath, Yuka confronts Hirota, claiming to be his partner before chasing him away.

Akutsu has been dreaming of a demon that Lily hunts. At school the next day, he is seen sitting on the floor outdoors. When his peers inquire, he reveals that he’s dreaming of a woman who is older than him. Additionally, he messages Lily to let her know that he’s sick with a stomachache and can’t go demon hunting with her.

While seated on a park bench, Lily unexpectedly meets Yuka. Following this, Yuka suggests they hang out. After that, they engage in some friendly competition as they spend time shopping and taking pictures at a booth. However, in the end, they both admit that they enjoyed themselves while they were together. Furthermore, Yuka tells Lily that she and Hirota are only friends and not romantically involved.

During the closing moments of the episode, Akutsu shows up in front of Lily and tells her that his stomachache has reduced and that he can get back to work. Lily then understands that he can’t lie to her and that he’s sensing a demon. She then asks him to show her the way to the demon.

The Episode Review

In the third episode, Lily and Akutsu’s initial demon-hunting mission uncovers nothing—aside from Yuka, Hirota’s childhood friend. Yuka considers Lily as a competitor for Hirota’s love, as we soon uncover!

The plot and characters in this episode are just as poorly developed as in the prior ones. Their intentions, abilities, and even drive are all very hazy and unclear. Furthermore, the two protagonists don’t seem to be anything like their intended roles. Case in point: the demon seems more angelic, whereas the angel seems more devilish.

Moving ahead, we are hoping things improve. Unfortunately, this episode was monotonous, dull, and uninteresting.

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