The Foolish Angel Dances with the Devil – Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Even More Foolish Angel and Demon

The events of the previous episode are continued in The Foolish Angel Dances with the Devil Episode 2. Lily has put a collar around Akutsu’s neck. This allows her to exert control over him. Taking advantage of this situation, she convinces him to get her some soda.

A police officer finds them shortly after and pursues them in the park, pointing to their inappropriate behaviour. At the end of it all, Lily and Akutsu decide that he must inform her if a demon is nearby.

What follows is an explanation of Akutsu’s purpose for visiting Earth. It turns out that the angels got involved in torturing demons on Earth. Consequently, Akutsu is asked by another demon to visit Earth and recruit a beautiful girl to help hell encourage the other demons.

Akutsu happens to catch an episode of a romance show later in the day. In his pursuit of Lily’s admiration, he meticulously prepares for the following day. On the other hand, Lily does the same thing when she watches that episode. This ends with their professor catching them flirting in the library.

After a few days, Lily appears to be upset since Akutsu is late. Two men then pat her on the back, and the episode ends there.

The Episode Review

As they begin their new, difficult relationship dynamic in episode two, Lily and Akutsu are both filled with a sense of obligation to prove themselves. As they fight for supremacy, they each give it their all.

Overall, this episode is an improvement over the last, but it’s still rather dull and unpleasant. The characters don’t have a genuine motivation, and the plot drags on and on without really picking up steam. Furthermore, the romantic subplot also lacks organic development and appears forced.

Considering this is just the second episode, we’re hoping things get better from here. Nevertheless, the show is subpar right now.

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