The Flight Attendant – Season 2 Episode 4 “Blue Sincerely Reunion” Recap & Review

Blue Sincerely Reunion

Episode 4 of The Flight Attendant Season 2 does not mark just Cassie and Megan’s reunion; it also brings Miranda back for the first time this season.

Cassie texted her for help in the last episode. She is instantly involved in the action here as she kills Hak, a North Korean assassin sent to kill Megan.

Cassie, Miranda, Megan, and her friend Charlie run from the bar as Hak’s associates arrive. They are chased through the city but they’re able to get away. Miranda, who came back to the field operations for the thrill, drops Cassie and Megan back in LA and leaves. Charlie and Megan also say their goodbyes.

Megan wants to come back to retrieve the evidence she has against the North Korean government. This is the reason why they’re trying to get them killed.

Max and Annie are questioned by the couple that knocked them unconscious. Although the first impression is that they’re after Cassie (also because they were in Berlin), they’re actually looking for Megan. She has a sizeable bounty on her head and this couple is chasing that. Their objective is to get to her before anyone else.

They find the envelope that Cassie opened and deduce Megan is in Iceland. After they leave, Annie and Max free the older couple in the neighboring house and phone the police.

In a very brief sequence at Echo Park, we see the blonde impersonator walking away wiping her bloodied knife, indicating that she has again murdered someone.

As Cassie and Megan land, they see the television news which reveals that two people have been found dead at Echo Park.¬†Although Cassie is panicky, she leaves Megan at her sponsor Brenda’s house for a night.

Cassie then meets up with Annie and Max and recognizes the man from a picture Max clicked while being hostage. Cassie decides that she has to reveal all this to her handler, Benjamin so that her name is cleared and the murderer can be found.

She goes into his office late at night when everyone’s gone back home. She finds him drinking heavily. It is revealed that the two bodies from the Park were actually CIA analysts. Benjamin feels guilty about them. Cassie, despite the voice in her head saying that she should leave, stays back and sleeps with Benjamin.

The Episode Review

Seeing Cassie fall back into the habits that destroyed her life is tough. Although we do not know if it is a bad choice yet, it definitely will disturb her relationship with Marco. The many voices in her head have created the illusion of her choices being dictated by the dominant one.

So, seeing the voice of reason and responsibility leave can endanger her entire plan? Pretty much.

Episode four is short, crisp, and filled with important details. The perfect pacing does not really let on how much time is left until the very end you realize the episode is over. This was a special quality from season one that was somewhat missing in this season.

But it seems the creators have finally done the legwork and found their groove. Miranda’s cameo made this episode probably the most enjoyable one thus far. The characters finding themselves in odd-ball situations and navigating tough decisions with their innocent simpleton consciousness provides nice humor overall.

Megan’s subplot, which did not seem to be this important until now, has suddenly picked up the pace. It’ll be interesting to see how she meets with her family after almost a year off the grid.

The blond impersonator is dangerous and possible suspects are diminishing by the day. Annie, Max, and Cassie have time running out, and by the looks of it, so does Marco. See you next week with another blistering chapter from Cassie’s not-so-normal life!

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