The Flight Attendant – Season 2 Episode 3 “The Reykjavik Ice Festival” Recap & Review

The Reykjavik Ice Festival is Lovely This Time of the Year

Episode 3 of The Flight Attendant Season 2 begins right where we left off. The shot is a continuous flow and reveals to us that Cassie’s house is bugged by the couple. Annie and Max’s conversation can be heard in the speaker. The couple dye their hair blonde to avoid detection from Cassie. She and Marco promise to talk about the “moving in” topic the next morning.

Cassie instantly goes into the bathroom and tries to decipher Megan’s SOS message with the help of her “mind palace”. The result is this: “Urgent, bestie. Get the puffin keychain to the queen of Long Island (referring to Megan) in Rejykyavik. Emergency”.

Despite being grounded by the CIA, Cassie leaves early the next day to take a flight to Reykjavik. She blackmails Carol, a fellow attendant, for a jump seat on the flight, only to find that Shane is on it. She suspects that this can’t be a coincidence and that Shane is also going to check on Megan.

She also notices a new person in her mind palace: a responsible, perfect version of herself. Her voice of reason does not sit well with Cassie, as she makes a list of spots of where she and Megan visited in the city. Annie and Max prepare to meet his parents. She is nervous about the same and the expectations they have from her as Max’s wife. Cassie starts visiting all the places. She has brief flashbacks of all the times she spent partying and dancing in those clubs with Megan.

Annie and Max arrive at the parents’ house. Unknown to them, they’re being followed by the couple, Esteban and Gabriella, who discuss “stepping things up” to speed the process. Annie’s visit goes disastrously. She is terrified when Max’s parents hint at their expectations of her in terms of a settled life. Cassie and Shane have dinner where he reveals to her that he knows what’s up. He reprimands the impulsive choices she is making that could land her in danger.

Cassie gets a message on her phone about someone shopping from her credit card. The list of items bought from the hardware store includes things like ropes, chains, and duct tape. The events really affect Cassie who goes into a panic attack. Seeing the alcohol in her room, she fights with her instincts to remain sober. She gets her things and tries to find a local AA meeting. In the hotel lobby, she spots Shane and accuses him of spying on her. She blasts off from the hotel.

Through pure coincidence, Cassie stumbles upon a man who talked to Megan last week. Annie and Max have a big fight. They argue about Annie’s episode at his parents’ house. Little do they know, that the couple is waiting f0r them inside. They render them unconscious and prepare to tie them up. Cassie, meanwhile, at the same time, leaves Annie a voicemail about the second slide from the View-Master – the German car – and its connection to the Lake from the previous episode. Cassie finds Megan but to her surprise – and confusion – she didn’t want Cassie to find her.

The Episode Review

‘The Flight Attendant’ is back to its prime. After a sluggish start with the first two episodes, it hits the ground running with the third episode.

Firstly, no more following sequences! Besides that, the episode finds Cassie once again on her adventurous trip, this time to Iceland, and way off from where she should be. Kaley Cuoco is at her typical best as Cassie and manages to once again shine the brightest among the cast. This episode is the one from where season two will take off and establish its true essence.

The mysterious couple has closed in dangerously on Cassie’s life. There still seems to be no explanation as to who they are but everything seems to be connected to each other.

We still see only glimpses of the blonde impersonator and her grand plans to strike again. Cracks are set to spoil the pleasant overtones of their relationship. It seemed like the two would finally become the perfect couple officially but it seems like a distant reality.

Megan will probably have a bigger role to play from now on, given Cassie’s intervention in her secretive existence till now. All the moving parts of the story now seem like coming together and episode four will probably move us closer to the heart of the mystery.

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