The Flight Attendant – Season 2 Episode 5 “Drowning Women” Recap & Review

Drowning Women

Cassie wakes up in Benjamin’s office at the start of episode 5 of The Flight Attendant Season 2. She finds a file of the information that the CIA is collecting on her. It is very precise and somewhat made up in the details, terrifying her.

Cassie takes photos of the documents in the file and leaves. Before she can, she is found by Dot. Cassie’s lie of not being able to find Benjamin in his office is quickly caught by Dot, who has a conversation with him about it. She phones Shane about the conspiracy against her and the impersonator. He is not privy to those facts and makes notes of the same. On her phone with Shane, she discovers that her mandatory Imperial Atlantic Flight Qualification Training is that day.

Shane asks her to bring him the View-Master for more digging. Cassie reaches home and reveals the entire episode to Max and Annie. She also learns that the camera has been stolen by the Diazes while they were in the house. On her way out, she comes across Marco, who is worried about her not picking u his phone and replying to his texts. She confesses to him about sleeping with someone else, but more importantly, “forgetting that he is even there”.

This upsets Marco greatly and he breaks up with her. She reaches the offices and talks to Shane about the documents she took images of. He is angry with her and asks her to delete them. Brenda phones Cassie and tells her that Hildegaard (a.k.a, Megan) left her house.

Megan has gone to visit Cherri, her Long Island friend (whom she referred to as the queen in the text) to retrieve the lockbox with the evidence. Cherri, who now owns the club, tells her that she gave it away to Wanda, who took her stuff because she is a hoarder. Cherri knows where Wanda is and the two go to her place. Max uses the bugs to locate the Diazes and get into their laptop. He discovers that they hacked into him while he was unconscious. Annie and Max plan to retrieve both, the View-Master and the laptop from their house.

Cassie is nailing her training but is constantly getting nagged at by Carol (whom she blackmailed for the jump seat). She blasts off at Carol after she has had enough and leaves the training midway. Cassie goes to Grace’s house to calm herself down. She looks for a stranger who is not going to judge her. Grace, not knowing about Cassie’s sobriety, offers her a drink.

Initially reluctant, but with everything that is going on in her life, Cassie’s hand is forced and she gulps one down. And then you know what happens. She. Can’t. Stop. Megan and Cherri successfully drop the wild mushrooms in Wanda’s coffee after she refuses to give up the box. Now they wait for it to take effect.

Cassie, now hungry for more, goes to a wine shop to pick up more alcohol. From there on in, it is absolute mayhem. Cassie returns to her house and reads Marco’s message of him picking up his stuff the next morning. She is upset over her breakup and starts breaking things.

She leaves several messages with Dot to talk to her but she doesn’t reply. She inadvertently reveals to Justin, Shane’s boyfriend, that he is a CIA operative. Shane gets extremely upset with her and cuts the phone saying she needs help.

Megan and Cherri take their stuff back from Wanda. Max and Annie get into the Diazes’ house and complete their mission but do not find the ring he got for her. After talking to her old self in the mind palace, Cassie learns that she has NOT been sober for a year. She had slippages during her period and was conveniently ignoring that memory of hers. She calls Brenda, who soon arrives. Cassie’s breakdown is halted by Brenda who then appeals to her to make a fresh start. They share a personal moment with each other and the screen goes to black.

The Episode Review

Episode five was a dark affair. Cassie’s delusional truth has finally come out. The appearances that indicated she was a year sober were so off the truth. It goes on to show how well one can lie to themselves for such things. A lot of time was dedicated to Cassie and her internal chaos to figure out the correct choices. Her life spiralling out of control is not an unfamiliar sight but a painful one, considering it is happening again.

The episode saw good progress in the overarching storyline that is increasingly suggesting the CIA is doing some shady business. Irrespective of what anyone says, I am not ready to accept that Dot is working in Cassie’s favor. For all we know, she might be the blonde impersonator. There is just something that prevents me from trusting her.

Annie and Max got their revenge on the Diazes sans the precious ring. It is hard to see them not getting it back, given how emotionally important it was. But the fact that they understand each other better and have resolved their fight is a plus.

Megan finally gets her lockbox back and there is no evidence to indicate any sort of stalking by spies. She seems to be scot-free – for now – but I am doubtful it will last. Her position in the spectrum does not look too significant, but she does have a role to play. This episode was an aching reminder of how an individual can go about living their life like a big lie. To think that we’re on the right path, we can go to great lengths and pretend that everything is fine.

Brenda’s support system is so heartening to watch. A guiding light like her can put Cassie on the right track but who really knows what it is. Until the next episode of The Flight Attendant, ciao!

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