The Fable – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Chatting About Life

Episode 4 of The Fable begins with Fable confronting his target. Fable knocks the man out in six seconds and tells Takeshi’s accomplice to do as he pleases with this target. Takeshi exits his vehicle, points his gun at Fable, and orders him to kill the target. Then, Fable knocks out the other person in the area. Fable steals that individual’s gun and directs it at Takeshi.

He orders Takeshi to put his gun down. Takeshi walks up to Fable, directs his gun at Fable’s face, and compares him to other serial killers he knows about. Fable says he’s not like other killers. Also, Fable says he’d like to live a peaceful life in this neighborhood. Fable drops his weapon, removes his mask, and bows before Takeshi.

He pleads with Takeshi to let him live in this town. Takeshi discusses the meaning of life with Fable. Ultimately, he doesn’t want someone like Fable to live in this town. Fable shares his brief experiences with Captain (his pet parrot) with Takeshi. After hearing Fable out, Takeshi directs his gun at the man Fable defeated. 

Takeshi murders the man and explains why he murdered him to Fable. Then, Takeshi informs his ally, Kuro, the man Fable knocked out, that Fable will be staying with them in Taihei for a year. Simultaneously, Takeshi welcomes Fable to Taihei. Takeshi tells Kuro to keep everything that happened here a secret. If anything, he wants him to tell others that he and Takeshi were the only ones present. 

Takeshi and Fable plan to visit an eatery. Meanwhile, Takahashi and Yoko visit a bar and Takahashi questions how much this date will cost him. Yoko asks Takahashi if she can get some alcohol. Takahashi complies and says he’ll drink alongside her. The two get drunk and engage in humorous activities at the bar. At the eatery, Takeshi and Fable discuss the cameras Fable removed in his room. 

Fable says he didn’t want to remove Yoko’s cameras because of safety reasons. Then, Fable questions Takeshi, asking him why he wanted to test him as soon as he did. Fable argues it’d been in Takeshi’s best interest to observe him for two weeks before doing so. Takeshi says he wanted to get rid of his concerns with Fable. Additionally, Takeshi wanted to spend quality time with a friend of his who’ll be free from prison soon. 

Then, we return to following Takahashi and Yoko at the bar. Takahashi’s puking in a toilet and Yoko tells him to regroup with her at the bar’s concession stand. Yoko questions why she finds Takahashi’s pathetic demeanor attractive. Simultaneously, Takahashi tries his hardest to impress Yoko. Takahashi returns from the restroom and tumbles to the ground due to alcohol poisoning. 

Yoko plans to call a taxi that’ll take them home. Meanwhile, we examine Fable and Takeshi at the eatery again. Takeshi tells Fable that he doesn’t 100% trust him yet, but doesn’t mind him or Yoko living in Taihei. Fable promises Takeshi that he wants to live here peacefully. Also, he mentions that Yoko insisted that he pursue a hobby in Taihei. Takeshi says Fable should consider applying for a job somewhere. 

Then, we return to following Yoko and Takeshi. The two arrive at Yoko’s home and Yoko makes a fool out of Takahashi while they’re there. Next, we spot Takeshi and Fable driving somewhere. The two spot the woman who handed Fable the handkerchief from a previous episode. Takeshi reveals her name’s Misaki and that she’s working five jobs. He says Misaki wants to pay her family’s debt and open a store. 

Takeshi tells Fable not to get involved with Misaki. Also, Takeshi says he wants to give Misaki flowers when she eventually opens a shop. Takeshi drops Fable off at his current residence. Fable enters his home and interacts with Captain. The episode closes with Fable pondering Takeshi’s remarks about finding work.  

The Episode Review

We’re four episodes into The Fable and the visuals and animation remain subpar. Fortunately, this episode contained enjoyable humor and character-bonding segments that’ll intrigue audiences. Although many could’ve gone without the Yoko and Takahashi tidbits, others will appreciate this anime for giving Yoko some screentime next to the show’s favorable lead. 

Simultaneously, this episode uses fan service wonderfully compared to most harem or ecchi anime. It was funny seeing Yoko treat Takahashi like a helpless dog. While most will find that scene unappealing, others will react oppositely, since Takahashi deserves this for acting like a creep toward Yoko in prior episodes.

Nonetheless, fans will find Takeshi and Fable’s moments the most fascinating. Not only does Takeshi receive more depth, but through their discussion, we receive intel on Misaki, the girl who assisted Fable after he got the snot kicked out of him by Takahashi’s kickboxer friend. Although Takeshi told Fable not to get involved with Misaki, we anticipate those two will cross paths soon. 

Overall, this fourth episode delivers a satisfying viewing experience. 

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