The Fable – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Episode 3 of The Fable begins with Takeshi and Takahashi chatting on a phone. Takahashi informs Takeshi about what he and the others did to Fable. He ensures Takeshi that they didn’t harm Yoko though. Then, a black-market arms dealer named Matsu graces Takeshi’s presence. He passes Takeshi some .38 calbier rounds. Then, the two discuss how Matsu’s business has been going and joke about not wanting to destroy the “ecosystem” they’re a part of.

Later, Takeshi fires his weapon into the sky to his lackey’s discomfort. Takeshi tells his lackey to focus on driving and look for cameras and enemies. Then, we cut to Fable in his home. He’s watching his favorite comedian Jackal on television. Then, he receives several texts from his boss that he can’t decipher. This entices Fable to check in with Yoko. Fable hands Yoko his phone and asks her what their boss is alluding to. 

Yoko tells Fable that the boss wants him to get an actual pet. Fable’s not fond of the idea but Yoko says he should comply. Additionally, their boss suggests Yoko get one too. The two visit a market called Loshin, Lohnan. Yoko says she wants to pick up some curtains for her place. After Fable fools around with a Jackal cutout, he and Yoko regroup at a pet shop. 

Yoko tells Fable she couldn’t find any neat curtains, too. Then, the two examine a few pets and Yoko questions why their boss wants them to get pets. Fable notices a nearby bird reminding him of a bird emblem on one of his favorite firearms. He tells Yoko that he wants this bird. Then, Fable notices the guy who was hanging around the kickboxer and Takahashi from the previous night. 

He leaves Yoko alone with the birds. Fable gets this gentleman’s attention and leads him somewhere. While Yoko chats with the pet store owner, Takahashi tells his ally to keep tailing Fable. Also, Takahashi tells his kickboxer friend to exit the car. Then, he tells him to make Fable cry again. Takahashi’s ally loses sight of Fable and regroups with the kickboxer. 

Both men search for Fable and find him walking somewhere seconds later. The two men charge at Fable. Fable notices them and ponders how he should handle this situation. Fable yelps and runs from the men. The kickboxer and Fable undergo several yelp and chase sequences. Fable knows the kickboxer will quit chasing him soon. 

Eventually, Fable leaps off a bridge and successfully lands on his feet. Fable flees and this frustrates the kickboxer. He regroups with Yoko at Loshin, Lohnan minutes later. Yoko tells Fable she’s getting a hamster and that the black-headed parrot he wants is 190,000 yen. Fable is okay with the expensive price since he feels he’s already bonded with the bird. 

Yoko and Fable return to Fable’s place, specifically his place’s garage. There, Yoko shares details with Fable regarding the parrot’s habitat, relationship with humans, its favorite toys, and life expectancy. Before Fable departs, Yoko reminds him to develop a name for the bird. She plans to think of one for her hamster. After we receive a scene of Takahashi discussing Fable and his actions with his cronies, we return to following Fable. 

Fable tells the bird where his food and drinks are located. Also, he names his pet, Captain. Then, we cut to Takeshi and Takahashi chatting in their car. Takahashi informs Takeshi about Fable’s incredible athleticism. Takeshi brings up Yoko and learns Takahashi has feelings for her. Takeshi suggests Takahashi ask Yoko out to dinner. 

He offers Takahashi cash in exchange for interrogating Yoko and retrieving intel about Fable from her. At Fable’s place, he toys around with Captain because Captain pooped on his head. Captain retaliates, dealing slight damage to Fable’s private area. Then, we receive a scene of Yoko bonding with her hamster. Takahashi monitors Yoko from his car via a device, worried about his potential date with her. 

Meanwhile, we see Fable exercising in the garage. Takeshi arrives, reminding Fable that the garage is off-limits, unlike the second floor. Also, he’s flustered that Fable’s exercising without clothes on. While Takeshi starts his car, he tells Fable he wants to chat with him alone tonight at 9:00 pm. Fable complies and Takeshi tells him to get ready for it. 

Then, we see Takahashi visiting Yoko at her place. Yoko welcomes Takahashi inside. Inside, Takahashi tells Yoko that Takeshi wants him to show her around town. Yoko insists Fable accompany them, but Takahashi says Takeshi and Fable have plans. Yoko accepts Takahashi’s offer and informs Fable about their exchange later via cell phone. 

Fable tells Yoko to have fun and Yoko tells Fable not to kill anyone while he’s hanging out with Takeshi. Fable promises not to hurt anyone because he likes this environment and doesn’t want to leave it. Yoko promises to have fun and find herself a nice man. Later, Fable regroups with Takeshi in his vehicle. The two chat about precious items regarding cars and guns. 

Then, Yoko reunites with Takahashi at his vehicle. While conversing with Takahashi, Yoko starts judging Takahashi based on his equipment and the atmosphere surrounding her and him. Then, we return to following Takeshi and Fable. Takeshi drives to an undisclosed location and hands Fable a tight-knit cap. He wants Fable to prove that he’s the real hitman, Fable. 

The two drive up to a large man. Takeshi says he wants Fable to fight that man because he did his boss wrong. Fable questions if he should fight this man because his boss specifically said not to cause problems. Takeshi tells Fable that this is entirely Takeshi’s doing. He says Fable should consider this as his way of letting him and Yoko live in this town for the next year. 

While that’s happening, we receive more interesting actions between Takahashi and Yoko. They’re currently drinking beer and eating food at a restaurant. Then, we return to following Fable and the others. The person he must fight questions if the deal he made with Takeshi remains intact. Another man says it will as long as he beats up Fable until he’s near death or is dead. 

The man says if he pulls this off, his debts with their yakuza organization will disappear. Fable puts his mask on and Takeshi promises to clean up the mess. Fable exits the vehicle and his opponent scolds him for his appearance. The episode closes with Fable rushing at his target. 

The Episode Review

Today’s chapter of The Fable offers audiences another satisfying outing worth experiencing. Not only do we get to see Fable rely on more clever tactics to outwit and defeat his enemies, but we also get to see him and Yoko select a new companion for themselves. That said, seeing a lead with a bird-like companion is a nice change of pace.  

While the idea of a character having a pet parrot isn’t unique, most anime often feature pets of the mammal variety. On that note, it’d be interesting to see Captain partake in future gang-centric outings with Fable. It’d not only build upon Fable and Captain’s chemistry, but it’d provide fans with more entertaining scenarios between them.

That aside, it appears Fable will get his hands dirty, based on where events close here. Although Takeshi told Fable he’ll clean things up, there’s a chance Takeshi’s planning to blackmail Fable with this ordeal, resulting in him and Yoko needing to flee the city. Regardless of how matters conclude with Fable and this gentleman, we’ll likely receive a satisfying chapter from this ordeal. 

Overall, this was a comedic and enjoyable episode of The Fable. I’m excited to see what awaits Fable and Yoko after their meet-ups with Takeshi and Takahashi close. 

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