The Fable – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

You Listening to Me?!

Episode 5 of The Fable begins with Takeshi meeting with Kuro. Kuro tells Takeshi that Hiroshi wants to speak with him in his office. Hiroshi knows what Takeshi did with Fable. Takeshi apologizes for his actions and states that he wanted to test Fable. Hiroshi laughs and tells Takeshi that Fable’s organization may have others like him. 

Moreover, Hiroshi says if Takeshi had shot Fable, Fable’s organization would’ve come for Takeshi, Hiroshi, and Kuro. Hiroshi hopes things will go well for Takeshi and Kojima (Takeshi’s friend). Meanwhile, Takahashi apologizes to Yoko for staying the night and Takahashi departs. Later, Takahashi meets with Takeshi. Takahashi apologizes for getting drunk on the date and promises to gather intel on Fable next time. 

Takeshi tells Takahashi they won’t be monitoring Yoko or Fable anymore. Instead, Takeshi wants Takahashi to aid Kuro with his work. Kuro apologizes for telling Hiroshi everything and Takeshi accepts Kuro’s apology. Next, Takahashi and Kuro visit the bridge Fable jumped off in one of the prior episodes. Kuro knows who Fable is but doesn’t want to tell Takahashi. 

Takahashi speculates Fable is a professional gymnast. Regardless, Kuro’s excited that Fable is the real deal and leaps off the same bridge. While Fable tells Yoko about his new job-hunting mission, we see Takeshi working on a high-quality kombu dish. Then, Takahashi informs Takeshi about Kuro’s ridiculous stunt. Takeshi arrives at the hospital to greet Takahashi and Kuro. 

Takeshi takes Kuro somewhere and interrogates him. He questions if Kuro pulled that stunt because Kuro wants to become a hitman like Fable. Takeshi grabs Kuro’s face and explains why he should abandon his desire to act like Fable. Meanwhile, Fable fills out a resume form in his room and attends an interview. Unfortunately, the interviewer doesn’t find Fable’s responses great so Fable leaves to complete another interview elsewhere.

This new interview doesn’t go well either. Eventually, Misaki bumps into Fable and notices he’s holding a resume in his hands. Fable says he wants a job and plans to attend an interview session with a florist named Hayashi. Misaki tells Fable she can show him the way there, but he’ll need to run alongside her because she doesn’t want to arrive late. 

Misaki gets to know Fable more during their jog. She looks at Fable’s resume again and learns he was a delivery driver in the past. She says her workplace would gladly accept him. Fable and Misaki visit her boss at her workplace. Misaki convinces her boss to interview Fable. Misaki’s boss goes over Fable’s resume with him. Also, he shares details with Fable about the type of work they do at this place. 

Moreover, Misaki’s boss tells Fable what he can expect pay-wise. He says if Fable can perform other duties, besides delivery work, he’ll think about offering Fable a raise. Misaki hands Fable tea and Fable tells her boss that he’ll accept the position. Meanwhile, Takahashi and Kuro go over their current COD scam mission. Next, Kuro asks Takahashi to share his thoughts about pro hitmen. 

Takahashi’s unsure of what to say because he argues pro hitmen don’t exist in Japan. Then, Kuro states that he wants to achieve a luxurious, rich lifestyle and promises Takahashi that he’ll leave his mark on this world. Next, Fable calls Takeshi and informs him about his new delivery job at Misaki’s workplace. Takeshi’s upset that Fable interacted with Misaki. 

Takeshi tells Fable he’ll get him a new job and demands that he quit the job at Misaki’s workplace. Fable refuses and ends the call. Later, he visits Yoko and tells her about his new job. Yoko’s baffled that Fable would accept a job with a low pay rate. Additionally, we learn Yoko named her hamster, Hey. Next, Yoko brings up the idea of Fable falling in love with Misaki. 

Fable’s unsure about that. However, he says he doesn’t mind “trying” to fall in love with Misaki. Later, Fable arrives at his workplace early, shocking his boss. Elsewhere, Takeshi visits Kojima. The episode closes with Kojima telling Takeshi that he can’t wait to cut loose. 

The Episode Review

After having a pleasant discussion with Takeshi in episode 3, this episode features our admirable hitman taking on one of the most difficult tasks yet, finding a job. Although Fable successfully nets himself one by this chapter’s conclusion, he gets one with a lower pay rate than his murderous one. Nonetheless, audiences will appreciate seeing Fable fail to impress the interviewers in this chapter. 

They showed no remorse for belittling Fable for his birth date and hobbies, capturing the aura people feel when attending interviews like this. Moreover, this episode forces Misaki and Fable to interact with each other. Although we don’t get a deeper look into Misaki’s character here, it was compelling seeing her offer Fable a helping hand with her boss.

If a romance blossoms between Fable and Misaki, we’re optimistic the series’s author will follow through with Yoko’s statements and make their romance feel authentic. On the flip side, this episode alludes to Fable gaining followers and new enemies. From Kuro’s hilarious antics to Kojima’s frightening remarks, Fable’s ordinary life quest may be more challenging than he expects.

While this episode wasn’t a phenomenal one, it at least gives audiences something to ponder before the next one arrives. 

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