The Eighth Sense – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 10

Episode 10 of The Eighth Sense starts with a montage of Jae-won and Ji-hyun sleeping on his dorm room bed. The next morning, Ji-hyun wakes up to an empty bed with Jae-won missing. He is worried when he is unable to reach Jae-won and eventually finds the latter on the rooftop with Joon-pyo.

Jae-won apologises for worrying Ji-hyun and the two act like a couple in front of Joon-pyo. Joon-pyo approves of the relationship and asks for dating advice from Jae-won. Meanwhile, Ji-hyun asks Jae-won to go for a walk. Jae-won offers his leather jacket because he usually felt cold in the mornings. 

The couple decides to go out on a breakfast date before Ji-hyun’s class. At the restaurant, Ji-hyun asks Jae-won if they’re officially dating and Jae-won explicitly states that the two are indeed a couple. Ji-hyun is glad that Jae-won acknowledges their relationship and narrates a list of things he would like to do with his boyfriend.

Jae-won promises never to make Ji-hyun sad again and that he’llbe a good boyfriend to him. Jae-won then gets a call from Yoon-won who tells him that she had finally landed a great job opportunity. She invites Jae-won for a celebration and the latter agrees.

Jae-won tells Ji-hyun about the news of Yoon-won’s employment and also adds that the surf club was approved. The new couple flirts with each other and teases one another before Jae-won finally leaves Ji-hyun at the train station, forcing him to go back to college.

Ji-hyun reluctantly separates from Jae-won and somehow makes it to class. Ae-ri is about to invite Ji-hyun to Yoon-won’s party but is shocked to know that he had already heard about it. Ji-hyun tries to lie his way out of telling the truth to her but eventually has to confess that Jae-won had told him about the party.

Ae-ri teases Ji-hyun about his new relationship and the two eventually make it to the party later that evening. Jae-won is there too and avoids talking to Tae-hyung and Eun-ji. Tae-hyung joins Jae-won for a drink and the two former friends reconcile with each other. Tae-hyung seems apologetic for his behaviour but does not directly apologize to Jae-won.

Jae-won still agrees to forgive him and states that he was friends with Tae-hyung for his bluntness. Ji-hyun introduces Joon-pyo to Yoon-won and the party starts with a round of drinks. Ae-ri continues to tease Ji-hyun about his new relationship with Jae-won, while Tae-hyung approaches Bit-na again and the junior blatantly rejects him, leaving Jae-won laughing at his plight.

Yoon-won tells Jae-won that she had known about his affection for Ji-hyun and asks him to treat the young boy with care. Jae-won is shocked that Yoon-won had accepted his relationship with so much ease. Jae-won leaves Yoon-won to bond with Joon-pyo and finally has a conversation with Eun-ji.

He clears the air with her and apologises for the way he treated her all through their recent relationship. She apologises to him as well and they share a drink with a promise to continue their friendship. Jae-won is sitting all by himself when Ji-hyun finally gets a chance to talk to him. He asks Jae-won to go back home but the latter insists that they stay back for Yoon-won.

Ji-hyun is on his way to the restroom but turns back around when he spots Yoon-won making out with Joon-pyo. He tells Jae-won what he saw and the two eventually discuss the idea of telling people that they were together. Jae-won states that they should tell people that they were in a relationship.

What happens at the end of The Eighth Sense?

Ji-hyun finally has a chat with Eun-ji and apologises for his rude behaviour. Eun-ji calls his attitude sassy and the two make up. The party ends with everyone on the dance floor with drinks celebrating Yoon-won. After the party has ended, Jae-won walks Ji-hyun to the dorms. Ji-hyun makes a promise to always be there for Jae-won.

He invites Jae-won to spend the night in his room and explains that Joon-pyo had gone home with Yoon-won. In his dorm room, Ji-hyun pushes Jae-won onto the bed and acts rough with him. Jae-won is shocked but enjoys it nevertheless. The season ends with the couple making out.

An epilogue shows Jae-won driving in his car with Ji-hyun by his side. The coupe holds hands as they drive through the night. Ji-hyun asks Jae-won if they will be okay and Jae-won states that all they can do is try even if it was scary being together. 

The Episode Review

There is something about the way this episode ended that does not sit right with me. The driving on a highway at night while Ji-hyun asks if they will be okay is a little alarming because if the makers were to give us a second season of the show, it is highly likely that Ji-hyun could be dead.

Since the makers have hinted at a possible season 2 with their Instagram captions for The Eighth Sense, it makes total sense for the epilogue to potentially be a way to kickstart a new season.

However, now that the couple are finally together after so much chaos, I really wish that there’s no more angst and that we have another season of happiness with Jae-won and Ji-hyun doing couple-y things together. 

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  1. The ending part: what do they want to try out again? Surfing…?

    Jae won still haven’t ideal with his past and parent: also his mental health? His boyfriend don’t know anything about his mental health… It’s a happy ending but there is a lot of lose ends; I hope season 2 will tackle them.

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