The Eighth Sense – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Episode 9

Episode 9 of The Eighth Sense starts at the therapist’s office where Jae-won’s therapist tells him that he’s been treating Ji-hyun badly out of guilt. Since Jae-won had a traumatic experience in the past, she claims that he was being selfish by pushing him away when he needed Jae-won the most.

She asks him to try and overcome his own past trauma because Ji-hyun has survived and Jae-won did not need to blame himself for the accident. Jae-won states that he really wanted to protect Ji-hyun and do what was best for his safety. The episode then moves to Ji-hyun and Joon-pyo going to college. Ji-hyun states that he will definitely be getting back together with Jae-won, and seems pretty confident about the fact. 

Joon-pyo calls Ji-hyun a narcissist. Ae-ri joins them and the trio discuss the reason why Jae-won was avoiding Ji-hyun. Ae-ri wonders if Jae-won had a trauma of his own and Ji-hyun suddenly recalls the story about Jae-won losing his little brother. Ji-hyun does not share the story with Ae-ri and Joon-pyo as it’s Jae-won’s private life, but he finally understands why Jae-won was avoiding him. He feels sorry for Jae-won and decides to be a bigger person.

He thinks about backing out from pursuing Jae-won and blames himself for making things hard for him, given he was dealing with a lot of trauma on his own. Ji-hyun tells Ae-ri that Eun-ji had asked him to back out of Jae-won’s life because he’s no longer interested in him. This pisses Ae-ri off and she yells at Ji-hyun for not defending himself in front of their bratty senior. 

Joon-pyo calls Jae-won and Eun-ji the hottest couple on campus which has Ji-hyun feeling heartbroken. On his way out of college, Yoon-won calls Ji-hyun to the surf club meeting room for a discussion. She claims that the club could be restarted and Ji-hyun needed to be there for a decision meeting. In the meeting room, Ji-hyun seats himself on an empty seat next to Jae-won.

He tries to grab Jae-won’s hand but the latter swats Ji-hyun’s hand away. Ji-hyun holds Jae-won’s hand again and forcefully lets it stay. Before they can chat, Yoon-won enters the room and discusses the accident. She asks both boys to take responsibility for the incident and write a clear incident report.

She claims that this report will help the college authorities would be able to isolate this incident as a private trip and not one involving the surf club. Yoon-won and Jae-won are shocked when Ji-hyun states that he would be taking full responsibility for the accident and mention that Jae-won was innocent.

Ji-hyun states that it would be okay for him to be kicked out of the club as he would not be able to surf at all due to his physiotherapy. Jae-won sits emotionless when Ji-hyun makes his decision and leaves. Yoon-won starts crying, overwhelmed by the number of things she was dealing with as a senior. Jae-won finally comes to his senses and starts consoling Yoon-won. 

Later that evening, Eun-ji asks if Jae-won wanted to go to the pork belly restaurant where Ji-hyun worked at. Jae-won asks to go to a neighbouring restaurant instead. There, Eun-ji does all the talking while Jae-won listens in silence. She spots Ji-hyun outside his restaurant and forces Jae-won to take a walk across from where Ji-hyun was taking his break.

Eun-ji stops Jae-won and kisses him on the lips at the corner of the street. Ji-hyun notices the couple kissing and makes eye contact with Jae-won before he leaves to go back inside the restaurant.

Jae-won pulls away from Eun-ji and walks her home. She asks if Jae-won can spend the night with her but he declines. Jae-won mentions that he was not going to drop her home and hails a cab because he isn’t feeling so good.

Jae-won finds himself walking to Ji-hyun’s restaurant that night. He does not make it inside but leaves to go back home. The next morning, Joon-pyo tells Ji-hyun that he has found Jae-won’s finsta (fake Instagram) account, along with photos posted of him. He feels hopeful about Jae-won’s feelings.

Ji-hyun buys a new camera for Jae-won and gifts it to him. Jae-won and Ji-hyun chat outside his department for the first time in a while. Ji-hyun promises to leave Jae-won alone and never pester him again. He gifts Jae-won the new camera and asks him to make new memories with it rather than fixating on the past. 

Jae-won is touched by Ji-hyun’s gift, which includes a camera and Ji-hyun’s handmade sketch of Jae-won. That evening, Jae-won and Eun-ji finish their group assignment, and she asks if they should go to the motel again. At the same time, Jae-won finally asks to break up with Eun-ji. He claims that he has seen Eun-ji get inside a motel with one of their seniors when Jae-won was enlisted in the military.

Jae-won claims he tried to reason with her decision and was hoping that it was a one-night hook-up. Jae-won had followed Eun-ji and the senior the following day and saw how they were on a date as a couple which hurt him even more. Jae-won walks out of the library and Eun-ji follows him around, trying to stop him from ending things again. 

Jae-won apologises and leaves her alone to go to Ji-hyun’s restaurant. Ji-hyun’s boss states that the restaurant was closed but offers to serve him because he was handsome. The two chat over drinks and food and she advises him to talk his problems out with whoever he was afraid of confronting. 

Later that night, Jae-won goes back to the Han River bridge where he was with Ji-hyun and suddenly memories of the good times with Ji-hyun come flashing before his eyes. Ji-hyun is listening to the radio when he finds a song that he likes and sends it to Jae-won. For the first time in a while, Jae-won opens Ji-hyun’s texts and listens to the song ‘The Story’ by Conan Gray.

Jae-won finds himself walking to Ji-hyun’s dorm rooms that night with a smile on his face as he listens to the song. Ji-hyun spots Jae-won making his way inside and rushes down to see him. Jae-won pulls Ji-hyun into a kiss and the episode ends with them making out with each other.   

The Episode Review

This episode was really a chaotic ride from start to finish. With the back and forth in Ji-hyun’s head, where he wants to end things with Jae-won but his heart wants to go back to him again and again, our poor boy was in a dilemma.

Meanwhile, Jae-won made things really difficult for himself. It is clear that he did not need a therapist but a chat with Ji-hyun’s boss to finally realise what he truly wanted.

The hurt Ji-hyun felt when Eun-ji kissed Jae-won was a painful sight to witness. I am glad that this angsty couple is finally back together and I hope the season finale doesn’t change that. 

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