The Crowned Clown Episode 16 – The Finale – Recap & Review


The End Is Here

Chief Royal Secretary is dead. The palace is thrown into turmoil and at the center of this chaos is our clown King, Ha Sun. After 15 episodes of drama, tension and romance we finally reach the conclusive chapter to this historical Korean show.

After a brief recap to the events of last week, we begin with Queen Dowager and the former Left State Minister plotting their next move. After the Secretary stabbed Prince Jin, the Queen thanks Jin for his work thus far and instead vows to put another puppet in her stead on the throne to control.

Meanwhile Ha Sun is torn after receiving an urgent letter regarding troops on the Frontier. He doesn’t have long to ponder it though as Sin Chi Soo makes his move and, along with a handful of rebels, storms the palace in a bid to take him out of the loop once and for all. It turns out to be a trap though that he walks right into. Ha Sun has become immune to this man’s slippery techniques of deception. That’s not all though as we soon find out. Queen Dowager walks into a trap of her own and we understand the extent of Ha Sun’s game-playing as he truly understands how to navigate the viper’s pit.

After wrapping up the loose ends with both Queen Dowager and Sin Chi Soo, we skip forward a year (or so I presume due to the first dialogue exchange). Peace has descended across the land and now the attention turns who the new heir to the throne may well be. As So Woon is unable to bear children, Ha Sun decides to leave the throne to a more worthy contender, proclaiming he was only borrowing the throne temporarily and never fully deserved the accolade.

An emotional farewell with Eunuch Jo (now Royal Secretary Jo) ensues and Ha Sun leaves the palace for good, following after So Woon who left the palace just before he did. All seems well and as Officer Jang vows to stand by Ha Sun’s side no matter what, assassins appear to avenge Queen Dowager resulting in both Officer Jang and Ha Sun suffering a terrible fate.

Two years pass by and we see So Woon a broken shell of the woman she once was. Dal-Rae and the entertainers continue to please the masses while the new King successfully implements the Dae Dong Policy across the region. The episode ends with a long anticipated reunion and one final glimpse of the sunset.

Whether you were satisfied with the finale or not, there’s no doubt about it, The Crowned Clown delivered one heck of a rollercoaster ride for its finale. From shock and tension through to sadness and bittersweet goodbyes, this 75 minute episode encapsulated everything I’ve loved about this show since I begun covering it 2 months ago. Emotional manipulation in the best possible way and it rounds out a highly enjoyable Korean drama.

While some of the plotting did feel a little rushed at the end, especially with the 2 time jumps, for the most part Crowned Clown delivered a highly satisfying final episode. We’ll have the full season review written up shortly but for now, it’s fair to say the show ended on a well-deserved high.


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  1. This outstanding! For sure an emotional roller coaster ride. Couldn’t stop watching. I give it a 10+++

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