The Crowned Clown Season 1 Episode 15 Recap & Review



The Penultimate Push

With next week’s finale growing ever closer, the penultimate episode to The Crowned Clown boils up tensions between the rebels and palace guards before spilling over into a dramatic ending, closing out the episode with one final cliffhanger.

Before that, we pick up where we left off from last week, with the King’s palace infiltrated by the rebels. While the King deliberates on the next course of action, Prince Jin and the recently released Sin Chi Soo head straight for the West Palace to free Queen Dowager. With this new three-headed dragon opposing them, Ha Sun, Officer Jang and the others’ future looks bleak.

Thankfully one of the Court Ladies arrives and informs the King she has the secret letter that the Rebels are so desperate to get their hands on. With renewed vigor and confidence, Ha Sun calls for her to bring the letter while calling for a royal meeting between the two sides. As terms are decided and Ha Sun prepares for this final confrontation, he’s dealt a sucker punch as he learns the Court Lady was unsuccessful in her mission. With the letter missing and Ha Sun’s resolution hanging by a thread, the captured Royal Secretary remains confident that the King will put the good of the country before himself. 

We don’t get long to find out whether he will or not either as the final 10 minutes of the episode see all the tensions, drama and political scheming come to a head in front of the Royal Palace. I won’t give anything away but suffice to say there are casualties and things become incredibly tense. There’s a couple of shocking twists in the tale too and quite what this means for next week’s finale is anyone’s guess. With no preview given for next week’s episode either, things look set to kick off in a big way.

It’s been quite the ride up until this point and outside the anime spectrum, The Crowned Clown has been my first taste of Korean drama away from the Netflix offerings. I have to say it’s been time well spent too and despite the daunting 70 minute run time for each episode, the writing and pacing has been outstanding here, easily rivalling some of the Western shows that have come out. We’re almost there now but we’ll have to wait a week before seeing the resolution to this one. Expect both a finale and full season write-up at that point as we prepare for one final push toward the end.


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