The Crowned Clown Season 1 Episode 14 Recap & Review


Defiant Until The End

The Crowned Clown returns this week with its final two episodes before next week’s finale. What a ride it’s been up until this point and as I’ve said before, this Korean drama has really done well to keep the political intrigue going right through to the end. It’s all about the end-game now and as forces move in the shadows, Ha Sun looks set for his toughest challenge yet.

We begin with Ha Sun and So Woon together, sharing a moment in the tranquil bliss away from court affairs. Their love is strong and together they look forward to the Queen’s father returning to strengthen their bond. Unfortunately, as revealed in the last episode, he’s been murdered in cold blood with all fingers pointing to Queen Dowager.

Unable to contain his rage, Ha Sun moves to get her deposed from her position, commanding Officer Jang to search through Prince Jin’s house to find evidence of the arrows used to kill him. After searching his house and catching wind of what the King is doing, Prince Jin flees, vowing to bring back the military to help usurp the throne for himself. 

Still scheming, Sin Chi Soo warns Ha Sun against deposing Queen Dowager and tells Ha Sun all about the Royal Secretary killing the real King. Unlike his other subjects, Ha Sun is not so easy to manipulate and he shrugs off these claims, instead finding himself more affected by the Royal Secretary deciding to step down from his role. This comes about after forcing a confession out of Queen Dowager in her role in killing the Queen’s Father.

We don’t get a moment’s rest though as the final twist in the tale comes in the form of the final 15 minutes of drama. The Left State Minister is freed and he looks ready to kill the Royal Secretary in the final moments of the episode. To make matters worse, the military have breached the castle walls and look set to usurp the King and put Prince Jin in his place. It’s a thrilling end to a breathtaking episode and something that looks set to explode into chaos.

As we reach the most dramatic point of the season, everything seems to be moving at a crazy pace. Thankfully this doesn’t detract from the writing or characterisation which are both excellent and keep the plot unpredictable and full of surprises. While a few of the characters do tend to overact their lines, Yeo Jin-Goo is fantastic and has really been the stand-out player here in this historical drama. The Crowned Clown has been my favourite show to cover this year and this episode typifies all the reasons why. Dramatic, thrilling and well-acted, this is one Korean drama you don’t want to miss the finale of.


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