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It is March 24th, the day Sang met Regus, which is where episode 4 of The Consultant picks up. He walks up to Rosie to meet with him. Despite her insisting Sang does not see people without an appointment, Regus keeps repeating himself. He sits down biding his time until Sang becomes available. The world around him moves around routinely but Regus sits in the same position and emotion on his face. There is nothing routine about this man yet there is a rare stillness that is intriguing and its most extreme form. Rosie’s voice brings him out of his comatose state

He walks up to the office through the stairs. Sang is uninterested until Regus mentions a gift that Sang will receive after he is dead. “The gift of immortality” quips Regus that finally gets Sang to look up at him. We cut to the present where Elaine – who has started smoking again – shares her learnings with Craig. Cargo is delivered with Sang’s name to the office. Rosie takes the delivery. Craig did a deep dive into Patoff and the company he is involved with. Since his arrival, the revenues have doubled and so have the number of amputation requirements in Russia.

He shows her an example of Milani as well. We go back to the past. Regus offers himself as a consultant. He says he has reviewed CompWare’s accounts and determines it can only pay its employees for four months. He undervalues the products and overpays the staff. CompWare is in dire straits. Regus even knows Sang wanted to jump from his balcony a few days ago. But fear that people will forget him stopped Sang. If he would have jumped, it would have delegitimized his legacy. But Regus can only start after Sang dies.

In the present, Elaine walks up to Patoff’s office but he has locked himself inside. Craig cannot find Frank Florez on the internet. Patoff suddenly comes out and calls out for Denise. But no one responds. Understanding the situation, Elaine goes into his office. He takes some more names whom Elaine brands as unavailable due to some personal issue. That is where she learns CompWare will go under in six weeks. She tells this to Craig who has a plan that can give them more time.
Back in the past, Regus gave the contract to Sang as insurance for his legacy after he is gone. Sang wonders why Regus isn’t drawing any economic benefit from the contract. He signs the contract.

Regus says he will come back in two weeks, meaning Sang will die in two weeks. Sang is stunned. Regus reiterates that Sang doesn’t have time and it must be now or never. “This isn’t the end; it is the beginning” explains Regus. Quite remarkably, Regus offers Sang to “book his death”. Sang agrees but Regus asks for a small “administrative fee.”

Elaine tries to go into the room again but she discovers the locks have been changed. Craig is reluctant to tell the truth about Friday night to Elaine. She learns about a sunk yacht that can fetch the company half a million dollars. Craig pitches Upskirt Jungle to Regus, who gives his phone to Craig to put the game in it.

Regus confronts Craig about that night. Milani hasn’t been found yet. But the conversation is brief. Craig calls Elaine and tells her that he might have found Mr Florez. When he went to install the game, he actually put up spyware. He got access to Patoff’s contacts. The past and present come together as we see Sang helping Regus down the stairs in the former and Regus pulling up the crate through the stairs in the latter. Elaine informs Craig that Florez owns a jewellery store in Ponoma. They plan together to drive up to the place on the weekend.

When they come into the office, they see that Regus has installed a nude statute of Sang at the top of the stairs. That is what was delivered in the crate.

The Episode Review

The debauchery is endless. Regus is so devoid of human emotion that he behaves like he is programmed to do. Installing a nude, chiseled status of a dead person in public is something even the worst wired human beings cannot do. Regus might be a robot for all we know. The dive into the past was a nice touch and explained why Sang decided to go ahead with the plan.

It is quite a bold decision to makeĀ  – your life for your legacy and perhaps that is The Consultant’s most striking theme. The episode was not a compete success, still careful with how much we know as viewers. Florez seems key to discovering some iota of truth and give us some justification to believe this fairytale. Let’s see how or when that happens.

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