The Consultant – Season 1 Episode 3 “Friday” Recap & Review


Elaine informs Craig that Ahn was on the flight manifesto and sent back to Busan that night as episode 3 of The Consultant starts.

Regus loves Craig’s game. As he leaves, Regus stops him and asks about his plans. He stares at Craig when he mentions he’s having a beer and Craig reluctantly invites Regus. We see Regus get ready for the night. From Elaine’s conversation with Craig, it seems they were in a relationship before. Even Patti frowned when Craig said in the last episode he was hanging out with Elaine. The “date night” for Craig goes as expected.

Regus makes some very fantastical assertions about how many other people they could fight in the bar successfully. He is always serious and that scares Craig. He discusses his wedding with Patti. But for that, he will have to convert to Catholicism. Just then, Regus is excited to see some shady-looking dudes walk in bunches into the pub. Craig tries to get out but Regus insists they go to another place after this so he can return the favour. Elaine gets ready for her own date and as she is about to leave, she sees a key to the records room. Regus takes Craig to an exclusive place that even has a dress code.

Craig meets a girl named Milani in the place. But she seems to have a weird relationship with Regus. Craig calls Elaine with news that he saw Milani wearing Russian robot parts. Regus brought the merchandise of Hilltech company with him. She asks him to be careful because he seems a little disoriented. Elaine cannot resist taking the key and going into the store room. When Craig comes back, Milani is at someone else’s table. As he questions Regus about Sang, the consultant asks for Craig’s help with something for a friend. They’re making a delivery of a person tied up in a bed sheet. He is violently moving around. Craig has a panic attack as Regus drives on.

When they are about to cross the bridge, Craig and Regus talk about who is in the backseat. Regus says it is Tokyo, the kid who killed Sang. He asks to pull over so that they can check if Tokyo can breathe or not. Regus says they are taking him to a ship and partly blames Craig for this situation. He brands Craig as ineffective under high pressure. They discuss Sang’s death, among other things. Regus says they need to do it as revenge for Sang. He tries to calm down Craig by asking him to breathe meditatively. The gas meter runs low and Regus pulls over to stop for gas.

Elaine is in the room and looks at her file. Regus incredibly has information about everything, including her childhood. She smokes a cigarette in panic. Her date waits outside the office While Regus is filling up gas and using the loo, Craig decides to free Tokyo. Underneath, he discovers it is Milani. Before running away, she says to Craig, “If you want to know what he is made of, you need to find Frank Florez”. Regus comes back and says it was all a test for Craig. Milani was a drug addict in Moscow, where she escaped the rehabilitation centre and came to LA. Regus wanted to send her back and complete her treatment.

Craig is left alone on the road. He has permanently harmed his relationship with Regus. When the consultant sits down in the room to type up Craig’s file, he notices a cigarette with lipstick stains. Elaine forgot to dispose of the cigarette she smoked while down there, now giving Regus an indication of what went on behind his back. Craig goes back to the 10th floor to get his clothes back. He finds them and when he looks behind the entrance door, he finds an empty office with cubicles there, not the grand party ingredients from last night.

The Episode Review

This episode almost veered into the “Eyes Wide Shut” territory for a while. The setup seemed inspired and once again reinforced intrigue around Regus yet, we are no closer to answers. It is becoming an annoying compromise in the name of buildup. Was it really a test for Craig, or did he spoil Regus’ plans and the consultant improvised?

The entire plot in this episode was more confusing than creatively genius. The suggestion right now is that Regus is looking for a successor, perhaps. Craig is a talented coder but he could not live up to the standards of running a company according to Regus.

Elaine should be next if that is the case but we do not know for sure. Nat Wolff and Brittany O’Grady make an impressive pair. Their characters’ bond will be critical in solving this never-ending mystery, although patience is quickly running out.

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