The Chosen One – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Keeping The Faith

Picking up where it left off from before, The Chosen One returns with Damião having his faith challenged, prompting him to hold a gun up to the Cult Leader. Enzo joins him and together they have a stand-off. However, the Cult Leader tells him he won’t ever be the same again and proceeds to kiss him and Enzo on the mouth. It turns out they were being tested all along – and they’ve just passed. Or at least they would have, had Enzo not opened his mouth which consequently lands them in literal cold water.

Meanwhile, Lúcia grows closer to the inner-circle of the cult, causing issues among the other members, including Angelina. As the night becomes ever darker, the Cult Leader lines up all the villagers and they each ask for death. This opens up interesting questions around morality as these villagers decide their own fate in life.

Through flashbacks we learn more about Mateus’ marriage and how it came to be before cutting back to Mateus and Lúcia in present day who start getting closer after a night of drinking. This leads to them having sex and Mateus giving in to his temptation. Unfortunately, as he gets dressed and heads outside, the villagers all join together and confront him over his actions.

When Lúcia wakes up in the morning, she finds Mateus gone and in his stead, the Cult Leader stands over him. He promptly throws her in the pool of water after she refuses to co-operate with him, leaving the trio of doctors reunited again. However, Damião and Enzo convince her to try and seduce the Cult Leader to their way of thinking and they help her back up. She agrees to help them and heads up to the Chosen One’s chambers where she attempts to convince him to spread the tears across the world. He refuses and instead, sees through her facade and knocks her unconscious, tying her up in the process.

Meanwhile Enzo and Damião stage an escape while Mateus wakes up in a small cage, tied up thanks to his wavering faith.

With another good dose of quick-paced drama, The Chosen One delivers a good deal of plot progression with an episode that shows off a different side to Mateus’ persona. Seeing him succumb to temptation is a really interesting idea and one that’s played out really well here. Although some of the other narrative beats, including Lúcia and the Chosen One’s alignment, feel a little contrived, Mateus and Lúcia certainly add some spark to the episode which helps.

With another cliffhanger ending, The Chosen One continues to deliver, setting the scene nicely for the episodes to follow.


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