The Chosen One – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


The Chosen One

Returning for another episode, The Chosen One finally allows us to witness the mysterious powers of the cult leader. Despite progressing the plot nicely, this ultimately serves as the episode that really undoes some of the early work in this Brazilian series.

The strange man challenges Lúcia’s beliefs and after a lengthy discussion about medicine and science, he becomes frustrated when Damião interjects and tells him he doesn’t believe in his gift. Determined to prove him wrong, the Chosen One sets to work in healing Damião. It’s here where we see the same ritual as before from the opening episode, only this time Damião vehemently declines to accept the Chosen One. He hesitantly swallows the blue liquid though and is then stabbed, revealing he’s now been healed.

The next day Damião starts convulsing. The Chosen One starts questioning his own beliefs which leads to him also convulsing. Could it be that healing an outsider is causing some sort of infection in the Chosen One? Before we can think this through though, Enzo and Lúcia take Damião away and in doing so, he appears to get better.

However, a rift starts to grow in the ranks as Lúcia grows closer to The Chosen One. Later that night, Enzo sneaks away and is determined to find out what’s happening in the village. As he sneaks into the Chosen One’s tent, he happens upon a strange machine that appears to be siphoning blood. As he tries to get away unseen, he’s spotted and promptly tied up and held above the water while alligators close in on him.

If I’m honest, it’s around this point where The Chosen One begins to lose some of the early shine on the series. The Chosen One himself, although mysterius, lacks the charisma to really pull off his persona. I almost feel like there should be some arrogance thrown in to really give him some unique quips and self-assurance but what we’re given is closer to a generic villain than anything else. It’s a shame too as there are some nice ideas here but it feels squandered and under-utilized.

There’s some good use of inner turmoil to replace the initial mystery though and the series does do well here with this. Still, the epiode itself is enjoyable enough and the cliffhanger at the end should be enough to see you through to the next episode.


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