The Chosen One – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review



Returning for its penultimate episode before the finale, The Chosen One returns for episode 5 where we learn more about Angelina through flashbacks. We see her past role in the society before cutting back to the doctors who deliberate over what to do next. Enzo and Damião snatch the gun away from the guard they knocked out last episode and head off while Lúcia becomes more involved in the inner circle.

Mateus speaks to the Chosen One while his family life crumbles around him. He pleads with the Cult Leader to see reason while Santiago comes to blows with Damião in the jungle, who heads back to the village and tells them he wants to make peace with the Chosen One. Before Santiago can agree to the terms, he demands to see the guard he knocked out, Flavia. 

Damião takes him into the jungle but unfortunately Enzo has messed up, having spilt the blue liquid and subsequently leaving Flavia for dead after hitting his head dragging him through the jungle. This prompts Santiago to start beating Damião when he realizes he can’t make good on his promise.

Meanwhile, Mateus’ fate is decided as the Cult Leader snubs him and tells everyone that Lúcia will be the messenger now. Mateus pleads and protests but the Cult Leader is persistent.

In the heart of the jungle, Enzo finds he’s not alone in his disdain for the Cult Leader, or so he thinks until he’s betrayed and tricked into surrendering. While Enzo is dragged back into the village, Angelina makes her choice and frees Lúcia, something she should have done a long time ago. She takes her into the graveyard where Lúcia sees all the empty graves of the villagers in Aguazul.

However, Angelina turns around and reveals she’s not on her side after all – she’s been fully brainwashed by the Chosen One and he won’t let her leave so easily. The episode then ends with Angelina choking out Lucia while Enzo and Damião find themselves caught by the villagers and held prisoner before the Cult Leader.

With all the pieces slotting into place, The Chosen One ends things on a suitable tense note here. While the episode does well to deliver some character growth and show the alliances forming between the various players, beyond that the series feels like it’s lost the mysterious elements and devolved more into a melodramatic thriller. Still, there’s enough here to enjoy but the thought provoking ideas do take a back seat in this episode.


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