The Boys Presents: Diabolical – Episode 7 “John and Sun-Hee” Recap & Review

John and Sun-Hee

Episode 7 of The Boys Presents: Diabolical sees the tone shift across to something far more poignant than we’ve experienced up until this point. Sun-He is terminally ill, and she only has a few days left to live. Her partner, John, is distraught.

John keeps up pretenses at work, given he’s a cleaner at Vought. He takes out a taser and knocks out one of the guards, subsequently taking their ID badge and breaking into the lab and taking a vial of Compound V.

John is desperate to keep his wife around for longer so he injects her with the serum. Unfortunately, soldiers burst into the room and surround the pair. However, Sun-Hee has powers now, stemming from blue electricity coursing through her body. This manifests itself into a strange sentient being, which wards off Vought soldiers, killing them all and leaving the place a bloody mess.

While this carnage ensues, John and Sun-Hee try to slip away. John believes that this creature is her cancer but despite the open road ahead of them, Sun-Hee convinces him not to leave and to confront what’s happening head-on.

The pair return to the woods where Sun-Hee manages to stop the creature. She says her goodbyes to John just prior to this though, encouraging him to go as she flies up to fight this creature head-on.

The Episode Review

A poignant penultimate chapter sees the idea of loss and how one will do whatever they can to stop their loved ones from facing death. This message is especially apparent here, as the chapter ends with a heart-wrenching climax.

The ideas peddled in this series have been really good across the board and that much is especially apparent here too, as the show manages to weave different themes throughout but doing so in a consistent and thought provoking way.

As a bit of gripe though, it would have been nice to see the pair together for longer, and really feel the weight of their relationship. Despite that though, this is still another solid episode.

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