TenPuru: No One Can Live On Loneliness – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

I Just Got a Little Turned On

At the beginning of episode 10 of TenPuru, Akegami opens his eyes. After Yuzuki arrives, he displays signs of being eager to start the day. Following that, Yuzuki tells Akegami that she has to leave, leaving him alone with Mia, Kurage, and Kagura. When Akegami hears Kagura’s name, he panics.

As Akegami is leaving his room, he bumps into Mia. Shortly thereafter, when Mia mentions Kagura, he displays extreme fear. Mia then shuts Akegami and Kagura in a room so that they can reconcile with each other. In the room, Kagura considers making up accusations against Akegami for exploiting her to get him expelled from the temple. However, she finally decides she wants him to fall for Mia, and she starts plotting accordingly.

Mia later admits to Tsukuyo and Kagura that she doesn’t feel anything for Akegami after being asked directly about it. Nevertheless, she does tell them that she finds him quite attractive.

Later that day, as Akegami attempts to prepare food in the kitchen, he discovers that they’re out of rice. Following this, Yuzuki offers to take him and Mia to collect rice from the temple’s debtors. After two failed attempts, a parishioner agrees to give Yuzuki, Akegami, and Mia a couple of bags of rice. As he carries the sack of rice back towards the property, Akegami thinks back to the first time he laid eyes on Yuzuki.

At this point, Yuzuki is walking down the street while carrying an entire bundle of rice bags atop her head. While she walks, Akegami and Mia stand behind her, gasping at her incredible skills.

The Episode Review

There are two main plots in episode 10. Kagura is seen attempting to lure Akegami towards Mia. The second plot involves Yuzuki, Akegami, and Mia on a mission to collect rice. Like previous episodes, this one doesn’t accomplish a whole lot. Based on the plot, Akegami develops friendships with the temple’s young women. Their bond, however, seems to lack any sort of depth and to be far more sexual than is appropriate.

The sexualization of Kurage, a minor, during the episode’s credits, was the final straw for me. Considering her age, this is completely inappropriate and disturbing. Overall, the show is a letdown. The show has nothing going for it but superficial relationships, the sexualization of virtually everything (including a minor), and a fading sense of humor.

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