TenPuru: No One Can Live On Loneliness – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Body Doesn’t Lie

In episode 11 of TenPuru, it’s made clear that a ceremony is soon to take place. Kiki-san emphasizes that, despite Yuzuki’s best efforts to perfect tokudu, issues may arise if the central figure isn’t fixed. This is followed by the revelation that $500,000 will be needed to fix the central figure in question.

Kiki-san and Akegami are just two of the many people who are worried about it. Yuzuki, on the other hand, is confident that she can raise the money and gives them her word. By the middle of the day, Akegami has already begun plotting the best way to help Yuzuki. His solution involves using a cell phone. When he realizes he shouldn’t use the temple’s phone, he heads to Yuzuki’s room to ask her to lend him hers.

When Akegami offers to help Yuzuki, she tells him that she’ll manage to collect the money by working 5-6 jobs. He is now adamant about helping her because he can tell that she is exhausted. Yuzuki, however, insists that she is not. Suddenly, Tsukuyo enters the room. Yuzuki finally tells Akegami that it’s none of his business after making a huge stink over it.

This makes him very upset and he eventually asks Tsukuyo to go out with him. Tsukuyo can’t tell if her mind is playing tricks on her or if Akegami really asked her out. When they are outdoors, Akegami unexpectedly compliments Tsukuyo. The next step is to get Akegami a brand-new phone. Tsukuyo longs to tell Akegami how she feels, but she settles for getting his number instead.

Before the episode ends, Akegami sends a message to Tsukuyo to express his gratitude for her help throughout the course of the day. The episode ends with Tsukuyo making an effort to correctly interpret his motivations.

The Episode Review

There are two main plots in episode 11 of TenPuru. At the beginning of the episode, it is established that the temple has a $500,000 fundraising goal. Akegami and Yuzuki also end up having some sort of argument. Akegami and Tsukuyo’s day out is the focus of the episode’s second act. Tsukuyo’s feelings for Akegami are also well-established. However, his feelings, other than lust, are muddled.

In the same vein as the previous episodes, this one is extremely shallow, humorless, and preoccupied solely with lust. The anime has been a letdown so far, to be honest. We still have one episode to go, and it’s quite unlikely that the show will improve.

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