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Tamar’s Father

Episode 7 of Tehran begins with Ali heading into his office and receiving a message from Amir. He’s sent over pictures from Faraz confirming he’s keeping Mordechai hostage.

As we skip across to the pair, Mordechai tries to plead with Faraz but it’s no good. He refuses to be swayed by his pleas that Arezoo is only a computer technician.

Faraz eventually receives his call from Mossad, telling him he shouldn’t have taken Mordechai. Faraz bites back though, venomously rasping that they shouldn’t have kidnapped his wife. This inevitably prompts them to hang up, with Mossad contemplating a prisoner exchange.

While they wait, Faraz gets talking to Mordechai and learns more about his past. Specifically, they discuss Jerusalem and the trying times with his wife.

Elsewhere, Gorev confronts Nihad and encourages her to calm him down. She scoffs, telling the Mossad agent this is what happens when you kidnap someone. She initially refuses to help until he convinces her to make the call.

Faraz is hurt that she’s speaking on their side but she calms him down, admitting that she just wanted to hear his voice. With Mossad working on tracking down Faraz’s signal, they eventually find it thanks to Nihad stalling and singing him a soothing song.

Tamar awakens after her ordeal; echoes of the past shine through like a bad dream. For now, there’s no news but Tamar wants to speak to Milad. She’s forbidden from doing so though but she confronts Mohammed about it as things reach boiling point, “If anything happens to him, it’s on you.”

A knock at the door interrupts them though as Yael returns to help execute their plan. Only, Parham is rattled by investigators checking the electrical grid, commenting on his skittish behaviour. When Parham rings Tamar to warn her, she realizes they need Milad to help calm him down and convince the man to continue working with them.

Only, that’s easier said than done. Her first attempt is a failure but thanks to Yael’s encouragement, manages to eventually turn Milad to their side. He makes the call to Parham and reads out what Tamar has written down. Unfortunately that includes blackmailing the man.

Although he agrees to help, it turns out Parham’s being watched so the plan is not as fool-proof as she thought.

Still, Tamar and Yael prepare to leave but when Tamar receives the message confirming Mordechai has been taken, she’s rattled. Yael does her best to calm her down though as they drive up to the rendezvous point. Tamar is not of sane mind though and struggles to find the system. Eventually she throws up on the side of the road.

Faraz receives the call at the hotel confirming Mossad are on their way. With a gun pointed at Mordechai’s head, Yael reports back to Mossad that Tamar is not able to operate effectively given her family is involved in this. While they drive off, Faraz slips away leaving Mordechai knocked out in his room.

With Mordechai safe for now, Tamar speaks to her Father and learns that he’s safe. Mossad rings Yael and tells her to head to the safe house. Only, they also tell her to make sure Mohammed kills the Iranian. That, of course, being Milad.

The Episode Review

With a tense negotiation sequence, Tehran turns up the heat this week as all of the pieces start moving toward the final ensemble. For the most part this series has done really well to keep things intense and it’s done so with an intriguing look at both sides of this conflict.

With an equal emphasis on both Faraz and Tamar here, both central characters are given more depth than a simple good/bad divide we’ve seen in different shows. So far so good, now everything is geared up for a dramatic finale to follow.

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