Tehran – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Engineer

Following the shocking death of Masoud, episode 6 of Tehran begins with Faraz phoning Mossad. He threatens to go after them and promises not to stop his crusade.

On the back of this, Faraz speaks to his boss regarding Nahid’s surgery. It’s certainly not cheap but he’s convinced Faraz is hiding something (which we know he is). Unfortunately this seems him suspended from duty. Ali offers his condolences and hopes he’s reinstated soon.

Just before Faraz leaves, he implores Ali to keep working on the case; there’s still an agent operating in Tehran.

Meanwhile, Gorav leads the team at Mossad into collecting up a list of names close to Tamar. He’s still not sure that her plan will work but Yael does her best to convince him otherwise.

It seems to work too and Tamar receives a call not long after confirming it’s going ahead. Questioned over whether Milad is up to the task, she promises that he is.

The operation begins and Tamar receives her instructions. The engineer is going to report a problem with the air conditioning. This will allow Tamar to conduct the second phase of her operation. Only, things clearly hit a snag when Milad receives a call from Karim, dissuading him from the task at hand.

Hanging up, Karim turns his attention to fellow friend Shahim and tries to find details surrounding Tamar and whether she really works for an electric company or not.

While he gets to work on this, Tamar is introduced to her contact, Parham. Milad asks him for access into the data centre where Tamar reveals what they plan to do.

They’re going to cut the power but Parham has cold feet. He doesn’t want to get involved in this and worries it’s the wrong way to go. Eventually though Tamar manages to convince him otherwise.

In Bat Yam, Arezoo phones Mordechai and asks for help. She’s still in a jail cell and desperate for help. She pleads with him to help her leave Iran and tries to get through to him.

As the camera pans out, we see her reading from a script. A script given to her by Faraz, who watches with a keen eye. When the conversation ends, Faraz warns her that if she says anything to anyone, he’ll make sure she never leaves that cell.

Meanwhile, Tamar speaks to Milad about Parham and encourages him to invite the man over for dinner. She wants to make sure there’s no hiccups and everything goes according to plan.

As the night draws on, Milad and Tamar share an intimate moment together. This sees him present a gift to her. However, they’re both interrupted by Karim showing up and crashing the party.

With Mossad listening, the entire situation spirals out of control as he asks who Tamar really is. He can’t find her on social media and wants the truth over exactly what she’s hiding.

As everything starts getting out of hand, Tamar brandishes her gun and a stand-off ensues. All hell breaks loose as Mossad agent Mohammad shows up, shooting Karim in the head and forcing Tamar’s hand.

When Parham shows up and realizes something is up, Tamar is forced to continue down this dark path and make him work with her.

With the operation going ahead as scheduled, things are precarious to say the least. Yael asks Gorev to allow her to go and help, prompting him to think over what to do next.

Elsewhere, Mordechai arrives at the hotel intending to help Arezoo leave for Iran. Only, little does he know she’s not actually there. It’s Pavel instead who answers the door, claiming to be a family friend. Inviting him in, Pavel shuts the door, which is where the episode ends.

The Episode Review

As everything starts to spiral out of control, Tamar’s operation hangs precariously over everything. Quite what the future holds for her remains to be seen but Pavel is certainly not taking his suspension lying down. He’s convinced there’s more to this story and will stop at nothing to uncover the truth.

With more tension this time around, Tehran picks up the pace and the ending leaves the door wide open for the future episodes to come.

Quite what the future holds in store for our characters remains to be seen but one thing’s for sure – this story is far from over.

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