Tehran – Season 1 Episode 8 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

Time’s Up

The season 1 finale of Tehran sees the fateful moment arrive as Mossad prepare to strike. The pilots are 50 minutes away and the target is set. Only, suddenly a flash sends the entire plan careering out of control.

Meanwhile, Tamar and Yael start packing their things up ready to head out. Only, the orders to kill Milad don’t sit well with her. She hesitates and eventually becomes suspicious when Gorev rings with new rules for Yael; she needs to make sure the skies are clear.

If she fails, then this situation with Iran could turn toxic. Instead they revert back to the original plan they had in mind.

Faraz is picked up and asks for details surrounding the Israeli agent. Obviously Ali is loathe to tell him but Faraz reveals that they’ve been betrayed by Mohammed. Unable to hear any more, Ali tells him to get out the car. Sighing, Faraz agrees and steps out, just as Ali promises to keep him posted. He does too, giving Faraz a crucial piece of intel to go on via text.

Meanwhile, Yael briefs Tamar and tells her she needs to break inside the air base and has little time to do it. It’s a risky plan and one that Tamar negotiates to keep Milad alive.

It’s a thin shred of hope, and one that Tamar clings to as she speaks to Milad about the air base plan. Eventually, he settles on an idea of using a fingerprint scanner to break in. Before he goes, Mohammed has some strong words for Milad before they hit the road.

The trio make it to Milad’s apartment, breaking into the computer and desperate to crack the system. Eventually the pair manage to do just that, scanning their own fingerprints to use in the near future.

While they do, Faraz heads to his address posing as a grieving father. He asks whether they’ve seen Zahra, and a young girl takes pity on him telling Faraz that she hasn’t seen Tamar in 2 days but she’s been around. This sees Faraz head up to the bedroom with the young girl who asks for a key to get in.

With time slipping away, Mohammed keeps watch while the pair copy their details across. Time slips away and the trio are forced to flee before the encryption can complete.

Faraz breaks into Milad’s room but the others manage to get away. On the table he spies the fingerprint scanner and a post-it note – the latter he takes for himself. Phoning through to the IT department with the error code, he realizes that this relates to Abadil Air Base and head off to investigate.

There’s 42 minutes to go until the planes make it to the border. Time continues to slip by as Tamar heads back to Yael; apparently all the samples are intact. Disguised as Iranian soldiers, they head inside to park.

Tamar and Milad manage to shake off Mohammed at the entrance, tricking him with the fingerprint scanner as his print fails to come back positive. Once in, Tamar tells Milad to get to the emergency exit and escape. She knows Yael is after him and gives the man his escape – and the gift he originally gave to her.

With Milad presumed safe for now, Tamar switches consumes to look like a cleaner and starts mopping the floor near the server room. As one of the workers heads in, Tamar seizes her opportunity and manages to find the right column.

Outside, Faraz heads up to the air base and forces them to open up. He tells them the reason is classified but reveals he’s from the Revolutionary Guard. With the walls closing in around Tamar, she somehow manages to make it out but Mohammed finds her without Milad and starts investigating.

Faraz spies Tamar leaving the building and entering the car with Yael. Faraz follows in hot pursuit while phoning Ali, revealing he knows where Tamar is. As he heads to the scene, Tamar connects to the air base server and seizes control. The Iranian border is shut down and they reveal that the mission has been a success.

Only, things aren’t as simple as they seem. Despite breaching the server, it turns out they actually breached a dummy and the Iranians were expecting her all along. The planes can be seen on the radar by the Iranians…but Yael is the one who’s double-crossed them all. She holds a gun up to Tamar and tells her to step away from the laptop.

Gunshots outside distract Yael as Faraz heads in and shoots her dead. Tamar hides in wait and shoots Faraz and knocks him down. With Tael down, Tamar rings Mossad and reveals the planes are seen on the radar and they’re about to walk into an ambush.

Tamar turns and faces Faraz with the gun to his head. He comments how Mordechai is a noble man and implores her to stop. Thinking twice, he tells her that his wife’s life is in her hands.

Heading out, Tamar finds Mohammed with a bullet through his throat. All hell breaks loose in the air and the Iranians fire down as Mossad – Gorev especially – watch on in stunned shock. Meanwhile, Milad and Tamar take off together.

The Episode Review

The cliffhanger ending sets the scene nicely for a possible second season as Milad and Tamar leave on the former’s bike. All hell breaks loose between the Iranians and Mossad, backdropped nicely by the cat and mouse game that’s been brewing all season long.

Yael’s betrayal is surprising and a nice twist while the entire incident at the air base was suitably tense as Tamar started to break into the servers. That’s to say nothing of the moments at Milad’s apartment, which were equally as nail-biting.

Still, the series comes to a decent end although one can’t help but feel we need a second season to follow on from this!

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