Tehran – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Jasmine’s Girl

Episod3 3 of Tehran begins with Arezoo speaking to Tamar about her situation. She pleads with her Aunt for help given what’s happened in the past. Back at her house, her daughter and husband arrive and introduce her to the family.

Arezoo lies, revealing Tamar’s there because of marital problems and manages to give her a safe place to stay for now.

Meanwhile in Bat Yam, Israel, a woman named Mordechai learns about the family connected to Tamar. She phones through to The Eagle and gives him the low-down on what’s going on as Tamar starts to run out of places to hide.

As The Eagle closes in on her, Tamar finds solitude in her hacker friend and starts speaking to him. Communicating in English, Tamar agrees to meet but needs a passport in order to get out of Iran.

After some thinking, he agrees to help…if she can help with something for him. For now, he remains tight-lipped over exactly what that may be.

Back at the crime scene, Faraz looks around before noticing a neighbour nearby. He questions her and the woman confirms that Zhira doesn’t have any friends. Getting nowhere and with the scene clean – far too clean to be an accident – Faraz asks Ali for an update.

He goes through the CCTV footage and finds a car that may be connected to all this. They’re not able to find the license plate but do notice an eagle emblem on the side. This leads them directly to a travel agency known as Tabrizi tours. Masoud Tabrizi happens to be the owner which is who our “Eagle” is.

Realizing that his gig may be up, Eagle phones Mossad and finds more details out about Faraz, the man chasing him, determined to trick him instead.

Tamar leaves her Aunt’s, thanking her profusely for help. She heads out and meets “sick-boy”, her hacker contact, and he asks her for assistance. Specifically that assistance comes from messing up the traffic so he can lead a protest.

With the security cameras offline, Faraz realizes something is up as Tamar messes up the security camera feeds. Begrudgingly, Tamar agrees to tag along with sick-boy, needing her passport.

This protest soon turns violent as Tamar watches from afar and wisely covers her face. As Arezoo learns about Tamar being present at the protest, her and her husband realize it’s not wise keeping Tamar there any longer and contemplate kicking her out.

After the protest, Tamar is granted a new passport to get her out of Iran. It’s just in time too. When Tamar heads home she’s confronted by Arezoo, who asks her quite what she was thinking regarding the protest.

Eventually she’s forced to head out on the road. As she does, the police swoop in to capture Eagle, believing Tamar to be with her, but it turns out to be a decoy. The real Tamar sneaks out without the police sniffing around.

Unfortunately she walks right into Arezoo’s daughter and two of her friends who happened to be on the other side of the protest earlier. Uh oh.

The Episode Review

While slightly slower than the previous 2 episodes, Tehran continues to deliver a decent dose of espionage action. The episode itself does well to establish Tamar in hiding as she works with sick-boy at the protest.

There’s a decent amount of drama here but the episode itself suffers slightly from static plotting and not much action to drive the narrative forward. Still, the cat and mouse game is endearing and certainly leaves the door open for next week’s episode.

The police are closing in on Tamar but will they be able to catch her? Only time will tell.

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