Tehran – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Shakira & Sick-Boy

Episode 4 of Tehran begins with Tamar leaving the apartment and finding Razieh waiting for her. She starts beating down Tamar until a bystander high up on a balcony sees what’s happening and shouts down to stop.

Bloodied and bruised, Tamar stumbles away and manages to make it to Sick-Boy’s place to get patched up.

Meanwhile, Faraz face-times his wife not long after her surgery. With everything seemingly okay, he heads in to speak to a captured Massoud.

He throws down Zhira’s passport but Massoud feigns ignorance, telling him he doesn’t know the girl. Faraz also throws down several pictures of the trail of dead bodies that seem to be following Zhira.

Massoud’s car was present at both crime scenes too, putting him squarely in the spotlight. It certainly looks suspect and Massoud’s explanations aren’t enough for Faraz to let him go just yet.

Instead, he intensifies the interrogation by bringing in Salome to tell her side of the story. Specifically, he asks what she was doing on the 13th August. With a shaky voice, she admits that Massoud and her were engaged in a temporary marriage.

Back at Sick-Boy’s, Tamar tries to keep her nerves in check as she learns that the passport is going to take longer than expected. This is unfortunately partly thanks to Sick-Boy’s issues and need to sell drugs. It looks like he’s mixed up in his own problems. In order to speed up the process, Tamar leaves to get the passport.

Faraz’s investigation leads him to Razieh and specifically who was staying with her. Trying to goad her with a promotion, Razieh is forced to admit the truth in front of her parents.

This means Hassan is going to prison and may well be hung as well. Only, Arezoo suddenly speaks up and admits that she’s to blame; she’s the reason that Tamar was staying with them.

With Hassan and Razieh allowed to go home, Arezoo admits her mistakes to the detective and apologises. She reveals that Tamar stayed but they kicked her out after the protest.

Tamar’s search lands her into trouble as she’s forced to hide inside a walk-in closet while two shadowy men start poking around.

Desperate not to be found out by Faraz, they’re eventually distracted by Sick-Boy arriving at the door posing as a salesman. Knowing that Tamar is stuck inside, he proves the perfect distraction for Tamar to sneak out the back.

As Sick-Boy picks her up, they race across town away from this house. Back at his place, he asks Tamar just who she is and what her story is.

Tamar is smart, playing up the Zhira story and concocting a believable narrative to shift the focus away from her true identity. With a story under her belt, her passport photo is taken and she prepares for what comes next.

Meanwhile in Paris, a man named Salim arrives to take Faraz’s wife to the airport. Only, he’s seemingly not who he says he is. After putting the woman in the back and shutting the door, he phones someone secretly and starts to drive away. Something is clearly not right here.

The Episode Review

Despite some initial tension in the interrogation room, there isn’t a whole lot else going on here. The cat and mouse game continues while Tamar finds herself laying low for the time being while trying to get her passport.

Beyond a couple of tense scenes with Faraz, there isn’t a whole lot to report here. Instead, this feels like a proverbial deep breath before a plunge into more thrilling waters to come.

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