Tehran – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Blood On Her Hands

Episode 2 of Tehran wastes absolutely no time picking up the pieces left behind last time. Tamar meets “The Eagle”, who happens to be her point of contact. With the big boss dead and no cameras in sight, he works with Tamar to cover up this murder.

With Tamar flustered, The Eagle phones Mossad and lets them know what the situation is. Passing the phone over to the girl, she apologises and promises to complete the mission. With less than 50 minutes to go, time is of the essence.

Tamar manages to get back in the system and the mission resumes like normal. Unfortunately things take a turn for the worst when someone finds the body outside. Eagle phones Tamar and gives her the bad news.

She still needs 15 or 20 minutes to finish, which Eagle sucks his teeth too and pleads with her to hurry up. Police soon show up and start to scour the area. As they enter the building, Tamar is forced to operate “Fox on the run” which is a ploy to break up communications and destroy evidence.

Eagle phones Mossad and tells them to be prepared for the worst. Inside, Tamar (still dressed as Zhila) takes her place along with the other workers as they’re questioned one by one. Tamar seizes her opportunity and asks one of the officers to use the bathroom.

There, she phones Eagle and updates on the situation. She then goes on to admit Gheysar – Zhilar’s boyfriend – is the only other person who knows her identity.

At Tehran Headquarters, Faraz continues to watch the footage. He’s intent on finding out whether his theory of the body switch holds true. In particular, he wants to find out who the two visitors were and wants passports checked.

Ali follows up on Tamar and manages to get a statement from the taxi driver. He reveals that the woman was picked up and spoke fluently.

Tamar meanwhile is called in for questioning. She spins a story about her boss screaming but remains adamant she doesn’t know why. The interviewer is cunning though and asks Tamar about her personal phone calls.

One of the other workers, Sara, backed up their theories that Tamar is involved in some way. Eventually that leads to him asking outright whether she and her boss fought. The interviewer is convinced that Tamar’s lying. For now, she’s being kept in custody for the night.

Faraz gets confirmation that there was a switch, backed up by the passport changing over in India. He asks Ali to email everything over as he realizes they need to search for a woman adopting Zhila’s identity. He phones through to the police currently keeping Tamar captive and she’s forced to head off with the officers.

Only…it’s not actually Faraz on the phone. It turns out she’s been taken back home to speak to a social worker called Mozhgan. She reveals that Gheysar took his own life. He also left a note confirming that he killed Zhila’s boss.

It’s here Tamar realizes this is the handiwork of Eagle, covering tracks to make sure she’s not incriminated. Sensing he may not be completely trust-worthy, Tamar bolts from the scene.

It’s just in time too as Faraz enters the building looking for her. Chasing the girl through the streets, Tamar decides against getting in the car with Eagle and evades capture. In the process, she loses her veil and the plaster across her nose.

With the coast clear, she rings Mossad and confirms that she’s breaking contact with The Eagle. She doesn’t trust him and suspects he’s compromised. Faraz meanwhile heads back to the station and tries to hide his frustration. The police won’t let him distribute the picture of Zhila. They want “the fish to head toward the bait” instead.

With nowhere else to turn, Tamar heads up and visits a woman at her house. It turns out this woman is actually her Aunt and she needs a play to crash.

The Episode Review

As the mystery deepens, so too does the complicated espionage narrative. It seems like The Eagle isn’t being 100% honest and Tamar is unsure who to turn to for help. The interrogation scenes were really good and this cat and mouse game is just starting to take shape now.

There’s lots of interesting elements to this one and plenty of questions still to be answered. It’ll be interesting to see how everything comes together and who’s telling the truth and who’s lying.

For now though it seems like Tamar is going to have to evade the authorities and The Eagle. Quite how she’s going to do that though, remains to be seen.

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