Teenage Bounty Hunters – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

From Basic To Telenovela

Habla Espana

After their kiss last episode, episode 8 of Teenage Bounty Hunters begins with Sterling dreamily thinking about April. However, the Spanish teacher kicks her out of her daze by making her stand up and speak Spanish with Luke. While she does, the teacher excitedly writes notes for her Telenovela idea.

After the lesson, April and Sterling organise their next date together. This time, it comes from playing games at an arcade. As they meet up, they talk about school and their secret.

It’s here Sterling learns that April is gay while Sterling is bisexual. The only way they can keep their kissing going however, is to keep everything a secret.

At the Yogurt shop, Sterling meets back up with April but the sisters are interrupted by Bowser who shows them their next skip – Adam Johanneson. Better known as Fren-Z. He’s guilty of trafficking drugs and is an EDM DJ.

Mrs Doubtfire

Only, the date to grab him is 4pm and that happens to be the time Miles is meeting Blair. Instead, she decides to do both and meet Miles that evening while working with Bowser on the job. What ensues in a Mrs Doubtfire-esque skit as Blair jumps between the two different locations, annoying Miles more and more each time.

While hurrying between locations, Blair phones Sterling and tells her to hurry up and meet Bowser at the studio. Instead, she and April make an excuse to keep seeing each other. Sterling doesn’t want things to stay hidden and she wants April to open up. Instead, April walks away.

At the same time, Debbie and Anderson continue to experience cracks in their relationship. This spills over to dinner that evening when Debbie admits she didn’t like their honeymoon. As they continue on, they speak cryptically about the past and the promise made to protect their family.


Blair finally makes it inside the studio and despite making a good impression, finds Miles waiting outside. As everything starts to unravel, Blair’s evening goes from bad to worse when Miles breaks up with her.

After finding out more about their target, Bowser heads up to see Yolanda. Only, he finds Terrance is there with her. Bowser immediately gets mad and walks away, telling her he’s out and doesn’t want any of the cases anymore.

As the episode closes out, Blair rejects Sterling, angry at her betrayal for not showing up, and starts researching more about her Mother, determined to find out what she’s hiding.

The Episode Review

Once again the teen melodrama takes centre stage and in particular, Sterling and April’s relationship. Interestingly, Blair is the one who’s starting to mellow out across the season, while Sterling’s pressurizing continues. This time, she’s moved across to uncomfortably telling April she should come out to everyone.

Given Bowser is a professional bounty hunter, his decision to suddenly throw in the towel and give up the bounty hunting business seems a bit out of character. Why not just get another bonds-woman or bonds-man?

The second half of this 10-episode drama has almost become a completely different show now. The bounty hunting is definitely taking a back-seat, although hopefully Debbie can be the one to pull everything together.

Quite what she’s hiding, remains to be seen. Right now though, this seems to be the only narrative thread worth sticking around for.

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