Teenage Bounty Hunters – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Cleave Or Whatever

The School Project

Episode 7 of Teenage Bounty Hunters begins with Sterling and Blair down at to the shooting range where Sterling squeals in glee at hitting her target. Only, this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. As we saw in episode 1, she shot the tyres of a speeding car effortlessly with a shotgun.

Speaking of shotguns, Blair then turns the attention to their Mother and questions Sterling over what the gun may mean. She doesn’t have any answers though and for now, big question marks remain.

At school, April shows up and she’s seated next to Sterling. She’s not happy though given what happened at the debate tournament. Even worse, Sterling and April are paired up for the school project – Biblical Buildings.

At the Yoghurt shop later that day, Blair and Sterling meet Bowser’s ex, Michelle. Yolanda is not happy to see her sister though and is clearly jealous. However, their conversation is cut short by Yolanda presenting the next skip for them – Gary Durbin. He skipped bail 3 weeks ago and he’s currently MIA.

Bowser however decides against going for the Skip and instead meditates with Michelle. As Yolanda arrives and sees them together Bowser quickly makes his exit. Alone, Yolanda berates Michelle about Bowser “hanging on” and how vulnerable he is. Only, Bowser hears all of this and Yolanda is eventually forced to leave.

Asking Questions

Blair decides to head out hunting with her Father, Big Daddy and Uncle Deacon. There, Blair starts talking about their Mother and in particular her past. The more she pushes, the more Anderson becomes frustrated. Eventually though, he shouts back and tells her to be quiet.

In their garage, April and Sterling start working on their bible project together. As they do, they start connecting more and talking about their Fathers.

That evening, everyone reconvenes in Bowser’s car where they find out Bowser is getting back with Michelle officially. However, they don’t have time to dwell on this given they have work to do and need to catch their target. Bowser busts open the door to the motel with the two girls. All of them look in shock as they catch Gary in the act with two naked women.

A Past Revealed

A buck naked Gary scrambles away until Sterling effortlessly shoots the hanging lights, causing broken glass to litter the pavement. With Gary captured, Sterling immediately approaches one of the women Gary was with and asks her about same sex relationships.

The next day, Sterling takes the woman’s advice and starts broaching the subject of sex with April. After discussing different bible stories, their conversation is cut short for now.

Back home, Debbie eventually opens up and shows both Blair and Sterling a memorabilia box full of old photos. Unfortunately Blair is a little disappointed given she expected something more. As Blair heads upstairs, a knowing glance from Anderson to Blair shows there’s something being hidden here.

At school the next day, April and Sterling win their bible building competition and Ellen tells them to bring it to her office. Leaving them alone with the project, Sterling takes a chance and kisses April. After a slight pause, April starts kissing back.

The Episode Review

With around 10 minutes dedicated to the bounty hunting, the rest of this episode dives deeper into Sterling’s conflicted feelings and the school project work. The constant monologuing between the two girls continues and we still have no explanation as to how this is happening (unless I’m missing something of course).

It’s fair to say though that bounty hunting is just a gimmick being used to pedal the teen drama. It’s a shame too because the opening set of episodes did quite well to balance the humour and drama with bounty hunting too.

Here though, it’s full on teen angst and melodrama and we’ve seen all this a million times before – and written a million times better.

However, it appears we’re finally getting on track to find out what’s going on with Debbie and hopefully this is revealed by the end of the episode.

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