Teenage Bounty Hunters – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Our Ham Is Good

Road Trip

Episode 9 of Teenage Bounty Hunters begins with Blair and Sterling fighting up in their room. Eventually, Blair shows her photos of Debbie from the past. Given the research she’s done, it appears there’s no photos or evidence of their Mother before 1999.

Determined to get answers, the duo hit the road. Before they go, they stop by the Yogurt shop to grab some items to take with them. When they get there they find Bowser in a bad way. They tell him to make amends with Yolanda and encourage him to get up and speak to her.

Once there, Bowser grits his teeth and plays nicely with a half-naked Terrance. Only, this quickly goes awry when he finds out Terrance has been handed his Fren-Z skip. After some initial hostility and a stale-mate game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, they eventually decide to split the cut 50/50.

The girls heads off on the road to Nandina but receive a call from their Mother on the way. They message back telling her they’re fine and continue on their way. Sterling however, is not as strong as Blair and clearly isn’t sure this is the right thing to do.

Hobo’s Ham

They make it to Hobo’s Ham, just like in the picture, and learn that Debbie actually went to the church in that town. When they show up at the church, they ask the lady inside about the Culpepper family.

It turns out there was an unfortunate incident involving the police and that the daughter – Debbie presumably – was trouble. That’s all they have to go on for now, but it’s enough to work with.

While Terrance and Bowser drive up to their skip and discuss Yolanda, the girls make it to the town’s police station. There’s no record of Debbie on the system though, but if she was a minor  there wouldn’t be anything to go on anyway.

With no leads to work with, the pair head outside exasperated and frustrated. As they do, they come to blows again. It’s a fierce confrontation and one that ends with Sterling admitting that she’s bisexual. As Blair walks away, she phones Bowser and asks for advice.

He gives up the skip and talks to Blair calmly, offering words of encouragement. In the background, Terrance starts to knock down their skip and wrestle them to the ground.

Sterling meanwhile admits to April that she believes it’s time for them to open up and tell the world everything. As she hangs up, April answers the door and finds her father standing there waiting.

As the girls drive home from their trip, Garrett (the officer from Nandia) phones them and reveals that he’s got a lead after doing some digging. It turns out their mother is wanted for first degree arson and a hefty $90,000 price tag.

Bowser meanwhile, heads back to his office and starts taking targets off the pin-board. Only, when he does he finds the exact same poster.

The Episode Review

If there’s one thing we’ve learned across this season, it’s how incredibly selfish and manipulative Sterling can be. The latter comes in the form of flattering different people and managing to manipulate their emotions. The former comes from her desire to make statement at school about her sexuality.

For all of April’s faults, she should have the right to come out in her own time without Sterling forcing her into an uncomfortable position. This really makes her a difficult character to warm to.

By comparison, Blair is a hot-head but clearly wears her emotions on her sleeve. She’s definitely the more likable of the twins. However, Bowser is easily the most redeemable character and seeing him give up the skip to be there for Blair is a really touching moment.

The biggest plot contrivance here though comes from Debbie’s wanted poster. If the reward is $90,000, why hasn’t Bowser pinned this up in a more prominent place? And how did he just forget about this and cover it up with other posters? Surely there would be a whole load of bounty hunters descending on the town if that’s the reward?

While the humour is still here, the show itself is moving much more into melodramatic waters. Hopefully the finale can pull it out the bag and deliver an exciting episode to close the show out with.

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