Teasing Master Takagi-san – J-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Important Person

Episode 7 of Teasing Master Takagi-san begins with Nishikata sadly walking towards school. He realises it is his last day with Takagi and does his best to stay cheery. He is surprised to see her shoes and wonders if she is early at school. He doesn’t see her anywhere and thinks she is playing hide-and-seek. He cannot find her and wonders if she has already left. But she surprises him by popping in from the veranda. 

She knew he would be coming in early so she came by as well. She wishes it could just be the two of them the whole time and Nishikata is about to say something but her friends arrive. He looks on sadly as students come by to wish her farewell. He agrees with her earlier sentiment, wishing it could just be the two of them and imagines it. She asks what he is thinking and he is still sulking as he wasn’t the first one to know.

Their teacher sees through him and asks him if he has been in love. He explains that it can be difficult to tell such news to people who are the most important to them. He comforts Nishikata by pointing out that he must be important to Takagi. 

In class, the teacher gives everyone’s report cards and decides to take a group photo for Takagi’s last day. Nishikata is in the corner but the teacher places him next to Takagi.

After school, Takagi makes Nishikata climb 415 stairs up a mountain. He is exhausted by the time they reach the top but pretends not to be. She shares she wanted to see the view with him and there is a myth that if someone visits the place with their crush, they will end up together. He thinks she came to the place with someone else and when she says she hasn’t, he is confused.

She shares that she has only been thinking about him and he thinks she is teasing him. She wishes she could have teased him more. She gives him a choice – for her to move away and never tease him again, or stay and tease him forever. He chooses the second option as he casually reveals he doesn’t want her to leave.

He also adds that he would one day get back at her and she finds it amusing. He suddenly gives her the second button of his uniform and both tear up. She tries to make him laugh by pulling a funny face but it doesn’t work. She adds that she is sad she cannot tease him anymore and he smiles sadly at the end of Teasing Master Takagi-san Episode 7.

The Episode Review

Okay, where is the funny? We did not sign up for all these tears. They are just kids, stop with the angst already! Teasing Master Takagi-san Episode 7 reaches an all-time high as these 15-year-olds experience the pangs of first love and separation. Despite his attempts to stay cheerful, Nishikata can’t help but feel sad knowing that their time together is coming to an end. 

We continue to get some lighthearted moments from the hide-and-seek to the mountain climbing but the casual way Nishikata finally embraces his feelings for Takagi highlights the genre this chapter is going for. But the way this episode ends makes us wonder what more could happen as this feels like the perfect finale. Does Takagi come back from Paris? Or are the remaining episodes just flashbacks of their friendship?

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