Teasing Master Takagi-san – J-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Embarrassing But Happy Moment

Episode 8 of Teasing Master Takagi-san begins with Nishikata looking sad as he gets ready for school. He keeps looking at his phone and lights up when Takagi calls. 

It is the first day of senior year and she wants to wish him. She wonders if he is bummed out that she isn’t there and he pretends that he is fine. He feels lonely and wonders if she is. She suggests that she is before joking that she just said it to see if he would come to Paris. He realises that it is midnight in Paris and she teases him for looking up the time difference.

She suddenly comes up with a game. Something has happened that is embarrassing but happy. She gives him three tries to guess it. If he wins she will do anything she wants. They banter as he tries to guess what it is that has happened to her.

For his third try, he jokes that it is her calling to confess that she likes him. She stills and he is shocked and flustered by the thought. He hopes that he is right but unfortunately, he is not. She teases him, wondering if he wants her to confess or if he likes her. She is happy that she got to tease him but she will tell him the answer next time as it is time for him to go to school. He looks sad as she hangs up. 

As he heads to school alone, he recalls his first day of second year. Takagi waits for him as he arrives late. She walks with him and teases him for being a second-year senpai. He lets it slip that he wishes he is in the same class as her. She wishes it too but covers it up by teasing him. Nishikata tries to stop her and breaks out of his reverie. 

At present, he heads to the school board and is happy that he is in the same class as his remaining friends. Takagi is glad that she is in the same class as him too and he is surprised to see her next to him. So is everyone. 

She reveals that the embarrassing thing that has happened is that her dad’s move has been delayed. Everyone made a fuss about her farewell so she is embarrassed but happy that she can stay a little longer. He suddenly thanks her for calling and reveals that he actually was about to call her as he was worried that she might be lonely. She teases him that this is a very coupley thing to do and he gets awkward before laughing.  

In class, he is happy that she is next to him. She drops her eraser and he picks it up. He sees that it is the one where she had shared that writing one’s crush’s name and using the eraser will make their love come true. She had written “look in the hallway” in the front and now she tells him to look at the back.

He hopes that it is his name on the back but it turns out that nothing is written. She reveals that it is a new eraser and she has used up the old one. She smiles to herself as she recalls that she had indeed written Nishikata’s name on the back of the older eraser.

Takagi ends up moving to Paris after 3 months. The town gives a grand farewell and she tells Nishikata to wait for her to return and tease him. He declares that he will get back at her when she returns. He starts running after her ferry and the two keep waving at each other till they cannot see each other. Both tear up at the end of Teasing Master Takagi-san Episode 8.

The Episode Review

Well, it seems that Teasing Master Takagi-san Episode 8 is indeed the end of this sweet and wholesome J-drama. Guess we won’t be seeing Takagi tease Nishikata anymore till the sequel movie drops. We do hope we are wrong and there are 2 more episodes left but it seems unlikely.

This has all the makings of a finale such as the tiny continuation of the teasing theme, the sadness and the bittersweet ending. By the way, did Kurokawa have to bring out all his acting chops for this chapter? His puppy dog eyes totally tugged at our heartstrings. If Takagi had seen it, bet her heart would have melted.

Update: Guess there were 8 episodes only after all. With that being said, this is the perfect finale for this sweet slice-of-life J-drama.

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