Teasing Master Takagi-san – J-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Farewell

Episode 6 of Teasing Master Takagi-san begins at school. Nishikata keeps winning at arm wrestling and everyone is impressed including Takagi. While heading home, Takagi teases Nishikata that he must have gotten stronger because of the push-ups he does whenever she teases him. He sneezes and thinks it is because someone is talking about him.

Takagi says it must be the girls gossiping that she and Nishikata are dating. He gets flustered as she asks if they should turn the rumour true by dating. He thinks she is teasing him again. He sneezes again and Takagi realises he is sick. She sneezes too and tells him to check her forehead if she is ill. They decide to be careful.

It is graduation day for the seniors and Nakai tells Nishikata that Takagi is leaving at the end of the month. Nishikata is further shocked when he learns most of their classmates know except him. As the school choir sings, Nishikata keeps sneaking glances at Takagi. After the ceremony, the students have to clear the auditorium. Takagi helps Nishikata who talks about their class’ graduation ceremony next year.

He asks if she will be sad to graduate but she changes the topic as she spots Nakai giving his second button to Mano as a token. Takagi asks Nishikata if he would give his second button to anyone but he doesn’t think anyone will ask. She teases him at first before revealing she wishes she could ask for his second button. However, she is moving to Paris. 

Back in class, Nishikata thinks about Takagi leaving. She notices his textbook isn’t out and offers to share. He agrees even though he has his textbook inside his desk. She passes him notes that it is fun being close to him. He wonders if she is teasing him but is happy about it. She finally adds she can tease him more and he acts annoyed but is happy she is still there to tease him. They agree to walk home together after school.

It is raining and Takagi doesn’t have her umbrella as she didn’t know it would rain. Nishikata offers to share his with her. He lets his shoulder get wet so she is shielded. She finally reveals that she knew it would rain but didn’t get her umbrella the same reason he pretended to not have his textbook.

He is surprised but his thoughts turn to why she didn’t tell him first about her moving as she says she will miss walking home together. He feels sad but as she goes on about how much she loves the rain, he decides not to change how he acts or show that he is sad she is leaving so they can enjoy their few moments left at the end of Teasing Master Takagi-san Episode 6.

The Episode Review

In Teasing Master Takagi-san Episode 6, we see Nishikata and Takagi with their usual banter-filled dynamic at school — you know, his flustered reactions and her sly comebacks. However, things take a more serious turn when Nishikata learns that Takagi will be leaving at the end of the month, which has him shocked and uncertain about the future. It doesn’t help that he seems to be falling for her. 

The character growth keeps surprising us, especially since this Netflix J-drama is episodic in nature. While Episode 1 Nishikata would have laughed off Takagi’s departure, unable to admit to himself that he may miss her, he now appreciates all the small moments they have together. But since we are only halfway into the show, we wonder how this bittersweet farewell will affect the remaining episodes.

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