Taxi Driver – K-drama Season 2 Episode 14 Recap & Review

Ha-joon’s Defeat

Episode 14 of Taxi Driver Season 2 starts with Ha-joon and the other members of the cult receiving the Bishop from the Airport. The Bishop holds a special prayer meeting at a secret church attended by all the key people involved in the case.

Meanwhile, Do-gi wakes up in the hospital bed and tells Go-eun that Moon-hyun was questioning him about Victor before he passed out from being drugged.

Do-gi shares that he had managed to sneak the recording pen which Young-min had given to Detective Choi. In the pen, Young-min and Do-gi find a recording of what had happened on the night of Detective Choi’s murder-suicide. A flashback takes us to that night when Detective Choi had witnessed his fellow colleagues return the confiscated drugs back to Black Sun.

After, Choi finds the two other cops celebrating with Moon-hyun and Guard Jong-seon. Detective Choi tries to arrest the cops and the Black Sun staff for illegally smuggling the drugs but he is overpowered by the guards. The detective manages to put his recording pen in the VIP room and turns it on before he is forced to drink the drugged alcohol similar to what Do-gi was made to consume.

The episode then shows clips of Detective Choi walking out of the nightclub and sitting in his car before his dead body was eventually discovered.

Present-day Do-gi tells Young-min that the recording pen had a comment from Detective Choi that could only be decoded by the reporter. Young-min listens to the recording again and again and recalls his conversation with Choi. Back when he was alive, Detective Choi had enrolled Young-min on a gym membership.

Meanwhile, the Bishop addresses Ha-joon, Hyun-jo and the other members of the cult. At the same time, Young-min calls the gym to see if they still had the locker Detective Choi had reserved for him. In the locker, Young-min finds a note from Choi with all the evidence that the reporter would need against Black Sun.

It was recorded that instead of incinerating the drugs like they were supposed to, the cops themselves were handing over the confiscated drugs to Black Sun.

At the Rainbow Taxi headquarters, Go-eun tells the team that the drug Black Sun was circulating in the club was called GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid) which when consumed with alcohol makes one appear to be in a state of trance.

She adds that the person that consumes the drug is able to perform simple tasks like walking upon instruction but cannot remember anything that they had done from the moment they ingest the drug. Sung-cheol adds that the drug was popularly called the rape drug and the group is further infuriated by how the nightclub was circulating such a dangerous drug for their own benefit. Do-gi promises to expose the club in one swift move.

Later that night, CEO Yang thanks Hyun-jo and Ha-joon for bringing back most of the GHB drugs that were allegedly confiscated by the cops in Hyun-jo’s team.  Ha-joon promises to have the remainder of the drugs sent back to her. Just then, Moon-hyun tells Hyun-jo about Do-gi and Ha-joon is shocked that the taxi driver was still alive.

He anticipates that Do-gi could cause more trouble for them and starts to panic. Ha-joon and his men raid the Rainbow Taxi headquarters but are not able to find anyone members there. Ha-joon tells the Bishop about Do-gi but the religious leader asks him to continue their mission as it was scheduled.

The next day, the Rainbow Taxi group is ready to act on their plan while Ha-joon is alert for Do-gi’s next move. The cops manage to take the drugs to the incineration plant as planned. On the way, the cops call Hyun-jo about the road being under construction. Ha-joon instructs Hyun-jo to make the cops take the same route as planned without any last-minute changes.

The cops hand over the drugs to Moon-hyun and Ha-joon. However, Ha-joon finds it odd that he was able to get his hands on the drugs so easily. He is sure that Do-gi was planning something big but cannot put his finger on it. The mission to smuggle the drugs to international clients is on as planned and the Black Sun nightclub is full of international smugglers.

Windy and Jong-seon are selling the drugs to international clients. Meanwhile, Hyun-jo is preparing to be promoted to being Commissioner of Police that same evening. All of a sudden, CEO Yang arrives at the Black Sun and tells Ha-joon that the GHB drugs had been replaced with flour. Ha-joon is not able to make sense of what happened and just then, all the international buyers start dropping unconscious in the nightclub.

As it turns out, the Jin-eon and Kyung-goo had replaced the regular alcohol that the buyers were consuming with GHB drug alcohol making them pass out on the spot. Chaos breaks out at the Black Sun and Ha-joon makes eye contact with Do-gi who is looking down at him from the VIP area.

A flashback takes the episode to the day before the drug smuggling where Jin-eon and Kyung-goo had replaced the GHB drugs with flour while Go-eun had hacked into the police system to unlock the locks. Back to the present day, Ha-joon gets a call from Hyun-jo claiming that his office was being raided and that the narcotics department had found all of the GHB drugs in the to-be Commissioner’s office.

Ha-joon is shocked and promises to teach Do-gi a lesson before escaping. Meanwhile, the real cops raid the Black Sun nightclub and arrest everyone involved in the drug racket including, CEO Yang, Victor, Moon-hyun, Windy, and Jong-seon. Meanwhile, the cops are also arrested and charged with the death of Detective Choi. Ha-joon kills Hyun-jo in order to save everyone in the organisation as he was soon to be investigated.

Young-min thanks Do-gi and the team for finally bringing justice to Detective Choi and pays for the deluxe taxi ride as promised. Reporter Young-min is back at his job and is reporting the arrest of the Black Sun employees as well as the other VIPs involved in the case.

An epilogue shows Bishop trying to kill Ha-joon but decides to spare the manager when he begs for a second chance. Ha-joon promises the Bishop he’ll kill Do-gi. At the same time, Sung-cheol gets a call from another client. Do-gi goes out to pick up said client who is none other than the Bishop.

The Episode Review

The end of this episode sent chills running down my spine. While I am sure Do-gi will be able to manage an attack if the Bishop decides to try and kill him, at the same time there is undoubtedly going to be much more that is going to happen in the final two episodes of the show.

Seeing how Victor was punished with 10 years in jail (unlike what happened with the real celebrities involved in the Burning Sun scandal) shows how the South Korean law, in reality, is so messed up to what we see in such K-dramas.

With the way this episode ended, I am now sure that there is no redemption for Ha-joon. Contrary to what we hoped, this season of Taxi Driver will only end with Ha-joon as well as the Bishop’s death.

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