Taxi Driver – K-drama Season 2 Episode 13 Recap & Review

Do-gi Crashes the Party

Trigger Warning: Descriptions of Sexual Assault

Episode 13 of Taxi Driver Season 2 starts with Sung Cheol recalling the time when he hired Ha-joon as a taxi driver at Rainbow Taxi. Back then, Sung-cheol had taken sympathy for Ha-joon’s emotional upbringing. He goes over Ha-joon’s taxi logs and looks for the toll station that the former driver often passed through.

Sung-cheol almost runs into Ha-joon as they drive in opposite directions close to Ha-joon’s house where he regularly took a taxi. Meanwhile, the group figures out that the true owners of Black Sun were all police officers from the same team. Go-eun also tells the team that the station where these officers worked had fake cameras installed, claimed that there was a lot of funny business happening at the police station when it came to handling cases from the nightclub.

Do-gi decides that the only way to move forward is to find the recording device collected by Detective Choi. He is called in to work where Do-gi’s colleagues at the Black Sun are getting beaten up for letting the intoxicated woman get to the hospital and in the hands of the cops. Do-gi follows Jong-seon into the secret basement and finds an archive of everything related to the Black Sun’s illegal businesses.

Do-gi manages to escape just in time as Jong-seon makes it back into the room. Not only that but Do-gi also helps Go-eun get access to the nightclub’s database. Go-eun discovers that the database consists of CCTV files showing intoxicated women entering and leaving private hotel rooms. There is CCTV footage of Detective Choi as well when he was intoxicated on the night of his death. Just then Do-gi gets a call from Windy and she asks to meet with him.

At the golf club, Windy asks Do-gi to help her out by trying to convince Victor to forgive her. Since Victor was the VIP client that had booked to spend the night with the girl who was taken to the hospital, Windy tells Do-gi that Victor was very angry. She also asks Do-gi to pacify Victor. Later that evening at the nightclub, Do-gi manages to win Victor over.

Windy asks Victor to choose one of the women for him to spend the night with. Victor asks Do-gi to be the deliveryman responsible for the order despite Windy’s objection. Do-gi agrees to make the delivery and accompanies the guards as they lead the intoxicated woman out of Black Sun. The guard makes the woman walk past the CCTV camera by herself, making it seem that she had left the nightclub on her own.

Once the CCTV captures her walking out of the club herself, the guards drive her to the luxury hotel where Victor is waiting for her. At the hotel, the guards make the woman pass through the CCTV footage by herself before taking her to Victor’s room. The guards ask Do-gi to call Victor to the room and the idol jokes with his friends on chat about how he likes sleeping with women that are intoxicated and unconscious.

Do-gi lies to the guards that he had to use the restroom and makes it back to the room where they left the girl. Before Victor could get his hands on the girl, Do-gi knocks him out and Go-eun arrives in time to help the girl. Kyung-goo and Jin-eon are dressed as the page boys at the hotel who drag Victor out of the room in a laundry bag.

Meanwhile, Sung-cheol is trying to learn more about Ha-joon’s past and looks up at the orphanage where he grew up at. Do-gi tortures Victor for manipulating intoxicated and helpless women. At the same time, Ha-joon is in a meeting with CEO Yang and he asks the woman to bring in 100kgs of drugs into the country.

CEO Yang is shocked at Ha-joon’s sudden request but he gets a call from Hyun-jo. The senior police officer asks Ha-joon to make sure he becomes the next commissioner. After the call ended, Ha-joon claims that he had changed his mind and now wanted CEO Yang to bring in 200kgs of drugs. Ha-joon claims that he is confident he will be able to manage the procedure no matter how big the risk is.

After going through Victor’s phone, Go-eun discovers that he is one of the key owners of Black Sun and that the idol hooks his friends up with more roofied women who are violated on a nightly basis. Do-gi claims that the club runs on the basis of the hierarchy so the real way to break it down would be to use the same hierarchy to stop women from being violated.

That night, Windy is drugging a girl’s drink for one of the VIPs when she gets a call from Victor with a special request. Soon, there is chaos at the club when members of a veteran hiking club make it inside Black Sun. Sung-cheol leads the old men and women who have all purchased the VIP passes inside Black Sun and Jong-seon is not able to stop any of them. With the club being crowded with old men and women, there is chaos.

Kyun-goo takes over the DJ station and starts playing trot music leading all the youngsters to leave the club. Jong-seon tells Moon-hyun that these elderly guests had all purchased the VIP pass from Windy and had taken over the club. Moon-hyun asks the club to be shut down for the night. He is angry at Windy but she claims that Victor had asked her for the passes.

Back at the Rainbow Taxi headquarters, Go-eun tells the team that the Black Sun guards are storing the CCTV footage to save the VIP men from legal troubles. She claims that the CCTV footage showed the women voluntarily entering the hotel rooms of the VIPs which made it impossible to file a sexual assault complaint against the men that had assaulted them.

Go-eun is extremely pissed and so are the rest of the Rainbow Taxi members. The next day, Ha-joon is watching the news detailing a 200+ kg drug bust by Inspector Hyun-jo’s team after a sting operation. To CEO Yang’s surprise, Ha-joon had orchestrated this in order to improve Hyun-jo’s public image so that he would be made commissioner.

CEO Yang is still pissed that a huge amount of drugs was confiscated by the cops but Ha-joon promises that he will make things better again. Do-gi arrives to work at Black Sun and notices that the VIP room is being cleaned after Ha-joon brutally beat the guards up inside to please CEO Yang and her friends. He finds the two cops that had arrested him there.

The cops are taking care of the fact that the guards have destroyed all the evidence well. Do-gi asks Go-eun to look up the police station that handled all the cases from Black Sun and Go-eun finds out that Jeongsam Police Station was deeply involved with the illegal activities at the club. Later that night, Moon-hyun asks Do-gi to have a drink with him and asks about Victor.

Do-gi claims that Victor had been MIA for a while. After three drinks, the drugs start kicking in and Do-gi is starting to pass out. Moon-hyun starts beating Do-gi up and asks Jong-seon to get rid of him. The guards make Do-gi walk past the CCTV camera until he passes out and then drag him out of the nightclub.

Moon-hyun asks for Do-gi to be dropped off at the main junction in order for a passing car to hit him in an accident which could lead to his death. However, Kyung-goo drives the van to the location and Go-eun reaches just in time and manages to save Do-gi from being hit by a passing truck. Just then, Jong-seon tries to run them both over but Kyung-goo manages to intercept the Black Sun van, saving Do-gi and Go-eun from being hit.

Go-eun tries to get Do-gi to wake up but he is in trance. Do-gi wakes up in a hospital bed the next day and is unable to remember what happened to him. Jin-eon and Kyun-goo too are in the hospital after sustaining a few injuries after their accident. Do-gi tells Go-eun that before losing his memory, he had managed to find the pen that Reporter Young-min had given to Detective Choi as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

This really was the most stressful episode to watch. From seeing Do-gi trying to one-up the Black Sun employees to having him drugged and left out in the middle of the street to die was a complete 360. I wonder what happened that led Moon-hyun to drug Do-gi; I’m sure more will be revealed in the next episode.

However, having the elderly come into the club and kill the vibe, making the teenagers leave Black Sun, was the most Rainbow Taxi move.

I am sure the final three episodes will detail a lot more on how the Bishop operates this club as well as Ha-joon’s back story. From seeing how he empathised with the little orphan girl in the first few episodes, I am hopeful that his character is redeemed in the episodes to come because right now, he looks like pure evil and I can’t wait for Do-gi and the team to beat him up.

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