Sweet Tooth – Season 2 Episode 2 “Into the Deep Woods” Recap & Review

Into the Deep Woods

Episode 2 of Sweet Tooth season 2 shifts the perspective to follow the Big Man, Jepperd. During the early days of the Crumble, he’s desperate to find his family. Unfortunately, that’s not possible, given his home is but a remnant of what once was; a graveyard of old memories for a life that’s long past. Lousia and their son are both lost. Jepp’s looked everywhere for her and he’s coming up short.

Jepp appears to find salvation outside in a guy called Coach, who encourages him to join the Last Men in a bid to find his family. As Jeep looks set to shake the proverbial devil’s hand, we cut back to the present.

Jepperd wakes up and finds Aimee there with him. She’s the one who saved his life, and after the hijinks involving the hybrid kids, she’s desperate to get them back. Jepp knows it’ll be like a fortress and wants to get them back his way. Eventually he concedes with Aimee’s plan though when Gus shows up on the radio (catching us up to the moments in episode 1 with the pair in the transmission room), and they both work together to get the kids back.

Aimee sneaks her way in, posing as a guard delivering goods, intent on doing a bit of recon to find out where the kids are being kept. Jepp shows up posing as a guard when things get awkward with a suspicious guard. In fact, they knock him out and then end up blowing their cover completely. Just before they hurry out, Jepp puts the familiar teddy inside the kibble before they rush out the old tunnels and leave.

This catches us up to the moments at the end of episode 1, as Gus and Wendy organize the rest of the kids to be vigilant and ready for a potential prison break. Unfortunately, the guards arrive first before that, led by Johnny. He knows the kids are hiding something but for now, he concedes with taking Gus to the lab, given Adi Singh wants to see him.

In a room full of purple flowers, Singh decides to use hypnosis on Gus to see if that will trigger his memory. It actually seems to work, as he’s encouraged to venture forth in his visions, through a variety of different biomes, before heading back home to his cabin in the woods. When that doesn’t work, Singh has him go back further in time to the lab he was made. Apparently it’s Project Midnight Sun at somewhere called Fort Smith. This seems to be where the virus was created.

At the same time, Rani manages to convince Johnny to let her see all the kennels. Aimee and Jepp try to fix a broken truck to head out, while the kids inside the cages try (to no avail) to get Bobby’s tracker off.

With the truck now working, Aimee and Jepp drive out and away from the city, determined to live to fight another day, that is after escaping soldiers with guns and a particularly pesky drone too.

Gus, on his way back to the cage, “stumbles” and picks up some crayons from the floor. When he returns to the cage, he uses those to draw out his cabin for the other kids, their perfect refuge to live at when all of this is done.

As for Becky, she finds herself in lieu with a bunch of travelers, while Jepp and Aimee continue to try and find another plan to break the kids out.

The Episode Review

After a solid opener, Sweet Tooth slows down but adds in some crucial details as we learn more about the origin of the virus and what’s happening there, while at the same time keeping the kids confined inside their cage. That’s a shame in many ways because one of season 1’s best parts came from exploring this post-apocalyptic world and seeing the wonders on display.

With a more contained story this time, everything feels that much smaller and while that may be in design, we don’t get a whole lot of time with the other hybrid children.

It’s clear though that Rani is going to play a big part in this story, especially given her fascination with the hybrids and slowly uncovering more details about them. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up as a pivotal component to stopping this virus and saving the kids.

Sweet Tooth continues its enjoyable run though, and thankfully we don’t have to wait too long to find out what happens next!

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