Sweet Tooth – Season 2 Episode 3 “Chicken or Egg” Recap & Review

Chicken or Egg

Episode 3 of Sweet Tooth season 2 starts with a question: “what would it be like to age without disease?” This is something geneticist Gillian Washington over at Fort Smith is trying to establish during our opening flashback. This Project Midnight Sun is her brainchild and so it seems like she’s responsible for what eventually ensues. She steps up to give a big speech but we cut back to the present before seeing the context of this.

Back in the cages, Wendy struggles to keep the other kids in check as they start to become jealous of Gus, given he gets to leave all the time. Of course, we know that he’s been talking to Adi Singh about what’s been happening and concocting a potential cure. Rani also knows that the hybrids may talk and discusses with Adi the notion of karma and how many lives have been sacrificed for her. Adi is exhausted, barely keeping it together, but he’s holding onto the idea of finding a cure. Next stop though is Fort Smith.

Jepp and Aimee show up at a free city called Factory Town off the dock, complete with quarantine pods for anyone infected with the virus. They need to find the Hickey Brothers, who are apparently just past the cantina. Unfortunately, Doomsday has got them already and they’re actually dead. Jepp is not happy and decides to drink moonshine to push past the grief.

When a woman called Vanessa begins shouting at the pair inside the bar, refusing to let them use the phone as she’s waiting for her wife to pick up, Jepp’s kind words and empathetic ear is enough to let Aimee use the phone and cryptically ask for help from her contacts.

Meanwhile, Becky finds herself with a whole caravan of different people. Unfortunately, one of the kids, Jordan, actually happens to be the son of a deceased soldier killed by the Animal Army. The army that used to be run by Becky and is now controlled by Tiger. Unfortunately, these guys are being persuaded to join General Abbot, through bribery and treats which Becky sees straight through.

Gus shows up at Fort Smith with Adi and the guards. Despite the place having been swept clean, Adi is convinced they’ll find something that’ll help toward a clue. Time is of the essence though, and they’ve only got an hour inside. Unfortunately, they’re not alone. There’s someone else in the hallway. Well, something else anyway. It’s actually just chickens!

The lead guard, Hulk, tries to keep his rage in check as Gus messes about through the hallways and tries to find clues of his past. He does eventually hit a breakthrough when he finds Pubba’s desk, including a whole bunch of different gizmos. Among those happen to be keys. However, it turns out they actually aren’t alone, as a crocodile suddenly comes storming down the hallway and starts ripping the guards to bits.

Gus manages to talk to it though and it’s here we learn that he too is actually a hybrid and just scared. Gus learns his name is Peter, but unfortunately he’s hit with a tranquillizer dart and tied up, taken back to the preserve on Adi’s orders.

Meanwhile, the Last Men show up and force everyone in the community outside. General Abbot is leading the charge and he takes to the stage in Factory Town, greeting everyone and calling them all survivors. His real play here is to recruit more people to his cause and with a vial in hand, proclaimed to be the cure to the virus, Aimee and Jepp realize that Abbott is using these people to spread the word and recruit more to his side.

Back at Project Midnight, Adi and Gus watch a video where Washington introduces her lead scientist on the matter, Dr Gertrude Miller. This is Birdie, and she talks about the research they’ve been doing, including microbes that they’ve found in the ice that could be used to “supercharge” the immune system. They’ve also found something to change life itself, and that comes from the hybrid children, Specifically, Gus. He’s the very first hybrid. The chickens are also important too though, given they’ve also been used in the experiments and Adi realizes that their eggs could lead to a cure.

Over at the cages, Wendy is forced to concede and open up about what really happened to Roy. The faint glimmers of hope are shattered thanks to one of the guards taunting them and revealing the horrific truth. Speaking of hope, General Abbot takes out the “cured” man from Factory Town and has him killed in cold blood in the middle of nowhere.

Meanwhile, Becky learns that Gus and the other hybrids are being kept in Essex Zoo and finally has a crucial clue to find him in order to hand over the cassette tape. This could be the most important clue, so Becky decides to “enlist” to be part of the Last Men to give her a solid way in. As the episode closes out, we cut back to Factory Town once more as the phone there rings for Aimee and Jepp.

The Episode Review

The third episode of Sweet Tooth sees more development and, crucially, answers to some of the big questions raised this season. We learn a lot more about this Project Midnight, not to mention the various experiments that have been conducted. Gus is the first ever hybrid and he’s going to be a big part of whatever cure Adi manages to concoct up.

The other subplots keep the plot moving forward, although Becky’s doesn’t really seem to be going anywhere in a hurry right now. However, her cassette from Gus’ cabin could actually swing things in their favour and may hold the answers to salvation.

The rest of the story continues to intrigue though and the second half of this, and what direction the show is going, should be very interesting.

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