Sweet Tooth – Season 2 Episode 1 “In Captivity” Recap & Review

In Captivity

Episode 1 of Sweet Tooth season 2 begins with us up in the frozen wasteland. A single figure marches through the cold, checking a map on a cloth for an area between two mountains. It’s Birdie, and she finds what she’s looking for, taking off her protective gear and rappelling down to the depths. There, she finds an ancient pirate ship, in pieces and covered in ice.

There are purple flowers here too, alongside skeletal remains, but turning on the torch on her helmet, Birdie discovers more, including a journal belonging to Dr James.

With the journal in hand, she heads back to the surface… only to find evidence of hoofprints having stomped right by her wire.

So what of Gus? Well, he wakes up to find himself imprisoned with the other hybrid children. Unfortunately, they’re in Essex County Zoo, and the place has become the new hub for Abbot’s forces. All the soldiers in the area hustle and bustle to get the place set up by the end of the week. They’re in the pump house, the worst place in the whole zoo, and given it’s a place designed to keep animals in, it seems the kids aren’t getting out in a hurry.

The hybrid children are starving, but despite some initial reservations about eating the kibble, they concede and satiate their hunger. Gus doesn’t though, and he’s joined by Wendy, as they discuss the other hybrids. Some don’t even have vocal cords, which explains why they sign with one another.

There’s a whole bunch of different hybrids introduced here, including the digger mole Bobby, Jojo Racoon, Junior with the beautiful yellow eyes, Haley, who swears a lot, and twins Anna and Hanna. There’s also Earl, who’s half elephant, the skunk Max and the super shy and half-turtle Teddy.

Meanwhile, Dr Adi Singh manages to keep his wife alive, telling Rani he’s working on a fresh batch of “secret sauce”. General Abbot though is getting restless and he wants a cure to the virus. In fact, he wants results immediately and with a new variant strain of the virus spreading, dubbed “Doomsday”, Adi needs to deliver something. If not, then Abbot won’t allow him another shot to keep Rani alive. Despite being exhausted, he needs to continue on no matter what.

Using Bobby’s skills, the kids inside the cage work together to try and get the radio so they can call Mom (Aimee). First up, Bobby manages to get the keys to the door, and as they open it up, Wendy and Gus break out to find the radio. The rest of the kids stay behind.

Wendy and Gus make it into the transmission room, and use the radio to send a message to Aimee. Unfortunately, they don’t get far given they’re spotted and thrown back in their cage. Bobby is also locked with a tracker round his neck this time and as for Roy, the chameleon kid, they find that he’s dead. Only, Gus decides to give them some much-needed hope and claims that he escaped.

General Abbot shows up to see Dutch in the lowlands. He wants to strike a deal with “The Three”, but one of the major players, Zhang, isn’t there. The leaders aren’t about to listen to his proposal. They’ve already voted and don’t want to entertain Abbot’s ideas. “Go home, we’ll never accept you.” He says, and as the outlaws turn and leave on their horses, Abbot does the same, confident that they’ll come crawling back once they realize what he’s working on.

Gus is taken out the cell and brought to the lab by Adi. He’s strapped down and encouraged to speak. Gus finally does so, believing he’s safe now, when the threat of being handed over to the General is presented. When Roy failed to talk, he was handed over to the General and killed.

Adi Singh realizes that Gus doesn’t have a belly button, and believes Gus could well hold the key and the answers to the cure. It would seem that the purple flowers are similarly a key here but their time is brought to an abrupt end. The guards bang on the door, Dr Singh promises not to hurt Gus or let the guards take him, if he keeps talking. The deal is made, and Gus manages to buy those hybrid children some more time.

Meanwhile, Becky manages to negotiate with Birdie on her phone, telling the woman that Richard is gone and Jepperd was looking after Gus before the later was taken. Birdie also has a cassette tape regarding a recording that could hold the clues, one with ‘Shady Grove’ written on it.

Unfortunately, the phone has a tracker and as a result. the Last Men show up at Becky’s location so they’re forced to cut their conversation short. Judy sacrifices herself to buy Becky some time, allowing the girl to leave, as she uses a flamethrower to take out the guards. Becky slips off the roof on her way out though, smashing the radio to bits and waking up on the ground. She scrambles away, while we cut back to Gus who realizes that Jepperd is coming for him when he finds his old teddy in the kibble food.

The Episode Review

So Operation: Get Gus Out now looks like it’s in full swing, if the ending to this episode is anything to go by. The drama continues beyond that though, with new characters in the form of the hybrid kids, excellent production design and a continuation of the story that made the first so enthralling.

It would seem that this cure is going to be directly linked to the purple flowers, given the emphasis put on them throughout this season, and James’ journal could also similarly be another clue too.

With the threat of a new viral strain breaking out and our characters desperate for salvation, the opener gets things off to a lively and well written start.

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