Swarm – Season 1 Episode 3 “Taste” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Swarm opens with an iPhone video of a girl discussing how amazing Ni’Jah’s performance was at her live show. After which, we switch to this wealthier home where a guy enters and starts to hear strange sounds.

The man is then unexpectedly struck in the head by Dre with a hammer. She inquires about the man’s favorite artist before delivering a speech praising the qualities of Ni’Jah as the greatest performer ever. After some more interrogation, she beats him to death.

Dre is following Alice on Twitter because she has made negative remarks about Ni’Jah. Then, we read a piece in which she charges Ni’Jah with inciting police brutality through her music. Alice has the phrase “Make America Great Again” on her Twitter profile, but she finds somebody who published Alice’s home online as she scrolls.

Dre enters a fitness center where Alice is exercising. Initially she is unable to enter, but somebody assists her. We notice the bee humming in Alice’s ear once more as Dre and Alice enter the elevator. We have observed that Dre is texting Marissa across the episodes, and this time the message instructs her to “follow the jacket” because the person seems to have a badge around their hip that could potentially be helpful to her.

A guy catches Dre, following a poorly planned attempt at breaking into George’s home. Dre listens to the buzzing noise once more as he starts to fix her knee. She rejects the food he prepares for her because it is all nutritious, but is then caught by George while she’s eating some treats, but he assures her it’s alright.

They both start strangely shoving food right in their faces a short while later, which eventually results in them having sex. Thereafter, she is delighted when he invites her to his performance so she can see what he does.

Somebody discusses an after-party after his performance. George isn’t keen on going, but Dre is. She then tends to take him away and then shoves him into a refrigerator, locking the door. Following that, Since Ni’Jah is present at the after-party, we find her walking there. Several men attempt to reach her, but she is focused on Ni’Jah.

Dre has spent her entire life anticipating this moment, which has now arrived. She at last sees Ni’Jah having fun, biting into something briefly, but a gasp can be heard as she appears to be in a daze. “Did you just bite Ni’Jah?” A woman asks Dre as she approaches. Dre panics and runs off.

When Dre exits through the back entrance, two men are smoking on a dock One of the men exclaims, “You know who that was? That was the Love & Basketball girl.”

The Episode Review

This show explores a character’s unpredictable behavior. Dre appears to be on the hunt, dealing with the loss of Marissa and murdering critics of Ni’Jah while fervently wishing to meet the celebrity one day.

The protagonist’s erotomania has been previously established, and at this point, we can also see that she is delusional as well. She believes that the deceased Marissa is sending her messages. Furthermore, she may have been duped by her mind when she bit Ni’Jah. It’s fascinating how little room there is in the show to differentiate between reality and delusion.

Additionally, the main character appears to have an eating disorder. The show has an intriguing aspect involving food. After killing Khalid, Dre was seen eating a pie with blood on her hands. She also ate pretzels when a client masturbated while watching her, and in this episode, she was spotted unusually eating chips with a guy, which led to them having sex. It’s fascinating how this aspect of the show showcases how food is linked to something sexual in her mind.

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