Swarm – Season 1 Episode 2 “Honey” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Swarm takes place in Fayetteville, Tennessee, in 2017. A man exits his vehicle and enters a strip club. The man throws a few bills on the stage where Dre is dancing. When she questions about Reggie, the man replies that he is out conducting business, causing her to storm off.

Dre is questioned about the Ni’Jah song she was dancing to, and of course, she defends it.

Halsey, who is among the other dancers, knocks on Dre’s entrance. After lunch, Halsey drives her back to her boyfriend’s house but requests that she enter first and makes a cash offer. Just after the girl and the guy begin to argue, Dre escapes from the home but is in her room when she returns though.

When her new pal has gone to sleep, Dre decides that she wants to return to Halsey’s boyfriend’s house and murder him. Halsey steps outside to look at what Dre did as she starts to drag his corpse. Halsey begins to imagine them running away as Dre is terrified. Halsey refuses to stop talking, at which point Dre shoots her.

Dre has now made a lot of cash by stripping at the nightclub. A couple of girls approach her and ask if she is interested in earning more that night. Dre’s eyes brighten up and she affirms that she is down.

However, once they’re on their way, she starts to doubt her decision. When someone enters the room and sees Dre, she tries to hide in a guest room and eats junk food. The boy claims to have a partner, but he starts asking Dre for permission to do it to her and makes a hundred-dollar offer. She replies, “A thousand,” and continues to eat.

Once they arrive at Reggie’s home, things start to get strange when Dre mentions his twitter post about Ni’Jah. Her friends beg her to stop causing commotion like she always does. After a while, Dre starts talking to Reggie as he is repairing the car outside.

When the girls are about to leave, Dre notices the bee buzzing once more as things become uncomfortable yet again. She announces that she needs to use the restroom and returns to Reggie’s home.

Dre picks up a pan and gets ready to strike him. He approaches her from the back and inquires as to what she is doing, setting off a fight between the two.

Once Reggie overpowers Dre and begins to choke her to death, the girls enter the scene to save Dre. However, someone among the girls pulls a weapon on Reggie as they try to free her. Thereafter, Dre rushes into the vehicle and drives off while the women try to decide what to do next.

The Episode Review

The episode includes an intriguing element. When Dre considers killing, we can hear the buzzing of bees. The show is fascinating because of its overall bee theme and its unique sound design, helping to keep this one feeling artistic.

Dre has pushed the limits of lunacy throughout these two episodes, and as the chapters progress, Dre’s murdering an increasing number of people. Only time will determine if she will be caught in the act or not.

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