Swarm – Season 1 Episode 4 “Running Scared” Recap & Review

Running Scared

Ni’Jah getting bitten has caused a stir on the internet. A shot of people criticizing the perpetrator is shown, as episode 4 of Swarm begins. The next thing we see is a worn-out Dre nodding off while driving. She is stopped by a police officer, but when the cop asks Dre if she’s going to the music event, she replies that she is, and he follows her to make sure she arrives there without a problem.

When Dre stops at a convenience store, a girl plans to help her. The policeman is now off her back, so Dre offers to accommodate her during the fest at her home.

A member of the girl’s group named Eva appears smitten with Dre when they cross paths at her house. The following morning, Dre is invited on a hike by Eva and her group.

Dre realizes her vehicle has been washed thoroughly when she gets back to it shortly after their hiking trip. Eva continues to offer Dre some counseling services at no cost. When Dre shows up though, Eva starts talking to him about her journey, including Ni’Jah.

The audience gets a glimpse at Eva’s deranged mind as we watch her crumble. As Eva enters her head, matters start to fall apart for Dre. Dre is beginning to go insane, so Eva decides to take her phone away and she coaxes Dre into divulging every detail of her past. Eva then starts to enquire about the blood on her vehicle.

Dre stands up as the group begins manifesting all around the fire seeing as she hears some melodies. Dre is upset because no one else can listen to the music. Eva attempts to stop her as she breaks, accuses everyone of lying, and tries to escape.

Before she does, Dre hits Eva with her car before running over her body while injured and still on the ground. Several girls attempt to go after Dre, but in doing so some of them end up dead.

Dre shows up at Bonnaroo only to discover that Ni’Jah has already left and that the festival has ended. As the episode wraps up, Dre begins sobbing while watching YouTube videos of Ni’Jah’s performances in her car.

The Episode Review

This episode is simultaneously bone-chilling and utterly fascinating. It is abundantly clear that Dre will do anything for Ni’Jah. Additionally, we learned that Dre believes Ni’Jah and her friendship is mutual since Dre refers to Ni’Jah as her friend.

After missing Ni’Jah’s performance at the music festival, Dre sobs as the episode comes to a close. Dre was terrified when she committed her first murder, but at this point she is killing victims as casually as if they were ants. Given that Dre has totally lost her mind, it will be interesting to see where the show goes from here on.

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