Survival of the Thickest – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

It’s Any Given Sunday, Bitch!

Mavis and Luca are seen spending quality time together at the beginning of Survival of the Thickest episode 5. Soon after, Khalil and India arrive, and they have an amazing time together.

Mavis’ mother pays her an unexpected visit the next morning. She disapproves of her daughter’s relationship with Luca, and she expresses her unhappiness with their relationship throughout her visit. She implies that they should stop wasting time. In the meantime, Khalil and India are making significant strides in their relationship.

Soon after, Khalil and India have their first fight because she insisted on him showing his ID when a passerby asked for it. Mavis, on the other hand, invites them to smoke weed with her and they make amends. India goes on to describe an incident in which her kid was subjected to a derogatory comment at school. Mavis then goes on to discuss her own experiences with the subject.

Soon after, Mavis calls her mother to express her frustration with her mother’s inconsiderate behavior towards her. Later that day, India tells Khalil that he is too casual about things. Following that, he admits to having no prior relationship experience. During their conversation, he asks India to be his girlfriend, and she agrees.

Later that night, Mavis spends some quality time with Luca before he leaves for Italy. After a fight, she expresses her concerns to him about their planned long-distance relationship. Following that, he reassures her. The following morning, he leaves for Italy. Mavis then meets with Khalil and India, with whom she shares some touching moments.

The Episode Review

The visit of Mavis’ mother, who disapproves of her daughter’s relationship, is the central theme of this episode. Khalil and India’s romance is developing into something more serious in the meantime. Episode 5 of Survival of the Thickest comes to a close with Mavis spending a pleasant time with Khalil and India shortly after Luca leaves to go to Italy.

The episode moves the plot along. The storylines in the Netflix show are difficult to relate to though as it seems rushed. Additionally, the relationships in the show develop far too quickly and in a superficial manner, making it difficult to connect with the characters.

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  1. Oh my, Michell Buteau I love you and I loved the concept of “Survival of the Thickest”…but you lost me as a fan in this episode (Season 1 Episode 5). Did I really need to see one more “Karen?” No. Why couldn’t you have changed the narrative? Instead of having an atypical white woman challenge the situation, why not have her challenge the situation and then turn her around? Get her to understand that Khalil is creating a wonderful mural that will benefit the community and maybe even have her volunteer some of her time toward the project. Instead, you just continued to support and encourage the division.

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