Summertime Season 3 Review – One final fling with this middling Italian drama

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There have been a smattering of teen dramas over the years, each carving their own niche in the genre. Whether it be the more recent Heartstopper or the edgy and drug-fuelled shenanigans of Rue and co. in Euphoria, there’s something for everyone.

Summertime has always felt like a show with a lot of untapped potential. Most of that stems from the gorgeous sun-soaked vista and beautiful backdrop of the Adriatic Coast. Unfortunately, the drama here is not as pretty as the visuals, dabbling in murky but predictable shades of grey.

The story this year is very by-the-numbers and holds absolutely nothing in the way of surprises, twists or turns. Fair play to Netflix and the team for wrapping this one up but honestly, I can’t help but feel a feature film would have been far more fitting for this. Instead, we get another 8 episodes of formulaic and overdone drama.

Those who have followed the show through the years will find little in the way of innovation or surprises here. The first episode opens with a big party and a dramatic fight. An intoxicating mix of dancing and drinking adds up to  a good 3 and a half minutes before we jump into the story itself.

From here, the story essentially intertwines various different character romances and relationship woes through the season, while also adding overlong establishing shots, lots of musical montages and welcome (but ultimately distracting) shots of the landscape.

There’s the usual constant drama between the different characters we’ve come to love, including Ale and Dario who set things off with a big fight over their respective directions in life. Dario is eking out a living as a delivery driver but Ale believes he’s wasting his life. So naturally, he turns to performing.

Summer and Ale remain on the rocks too, having lost the spark that ignited their relationship in season 1. It’s not until episode 6 this year where that’s given some closure, with a fitting (and gut-wrenching) conversation showcasing just far the pair are on different wavelengths.

Instead, Ale’s main drama here stems from making amends with Lola, especially after her big accident at the end of season 2. Most of Summer’s drama centers on love interest Luca, while Dario and Rita face the usual smattering of problems in their relationship. Of course, there’s also Sofi, Edo and Blue who have their drama to help pad out the chapters.

Overarching all of that is the ongoing feud between Summer and Sofia, who fell out big time in season 2. All of this combines to a very contrived and forced season of drama, but none of it added with any twists or surprises. Everything here has been done before – and better elsewhere.

Summertime hasn’t really improved since its first season and in many ways, that will suit fans of the show that have stuck this one out since the early days. What you see is what you get with this one.

If you’re in the mood for a simple teen drama with lots of sun-soaked locales and  drama you can dip in and out of without thinking too much about, you’ll be in your element. For everyone else, Summertime is unlikely to be a holiday destination you’ll be returning to in a hurry.

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  • Episode Rating - 3.5/10

10 thoughts on “Summertime Season 3 Review – One final fling with this middling Italian drama”

  1. I was very disappointed in the ended of this series.
    What Lola done manipulating Summer never came to light . If Ale had known that he would have left Lola in a second .
    You can see all over his face he was truly at his happiest with Summer.
    Summer got played but Lola 😕

  2. 4/4/23
    For me this movie only needed eight to ten episodes. Left Summer and Ale as just taking a break but eventually will return to one another. Didn’t need a Lola she added nothing. What is up with the racing-dumb story line. Rating is 1/10

  3. Disappointed, in season 1 all Summers friends are cheating off her. She can speak multiple languages, can play the guitar ukulele and sing…. She had a respectable job in the hotel, she lost because of Ale

    There was so much about Summer not explored and she lost so much development chasing Ale…
    Ale never met her father, no wonder her dad was concerned asking questions… They created this incredible chemistry between Ale and Summer… Only for her to be a kinky fetish…
    Whilst they introduce Lola and make her the winner who takes all through manipulation and sneaking around. They really give Lola a strong storyline of being a survivor and strong even though she risked her life and others including Ale… It wasn’t Ale’s fault she fell but she let him take the blame for it…I agree with all who commented….Ale thinks Summer gave up on their relationship for no reason without knowing what Lola did to make her feel unworthy…
    Ale was still confused when Summer confessed her feelings saying I feel destined to screw up my life…but he ultimately doubts Summer because when he was ready to go all out for her she rejected him…
    They turn Summer into a woman who fell out of love sleeping around and just being a summer fling… Italy turned its first black lead into a pretty face just ending the show baring her chest one last time…

    In my imagination Summer Will record a beautiful song and one day whilst ou t at Sea, Ale Will listen to the song…Lola will see the pain and confess what she did as she knows that being at Sea with Ale the love is gone once they stop racing and competing they don’t enjoy each other to just relax and chill, and Ale Will remember he never felt so at peace o r calm then when he was with Summer listening to music…

  4. Summer and Ale should be allowed to make their relationship choices based on the truth. Lola needs to be called out on her manipulation of Summer using her feminine wiles. Clearly Summer is a threat to Lola. If Ale new about the time she flew from Barcelona when Summer was moving to Spain to be with him, Ale would have ended it with Lola for good! There is still love between Ale and Summer. Some love never dies just like Edo’s father said. Give Ale and Summer the ending they deserve by being together. Give us season 4 so we can finally see then ending that should have been.

  5. Need to be a 4th season the ending was disappointing summer and Ali deserved to be together after all they went through and the fact that it clear that they was still so much in love with each other.pls bring it back for one more season if not for any other reason but to bring those two back with each other cause it’s clearly not the ending for them.

  6. Very very disappointing ending,
    Why go through all seasons with summer and ale and their romance to end it with Lola sailing off with him after summer admits she was still in love with Ale. Leaving the star of the show alone going to take a dip with old friends remember Ale. Stupid… started out beautifully in season one to end up disappointed. What a shame. They should have ended up together in the end.

  7. A fourth season should definitely be in the writer and producers mind. Things never addressed or caught
    Lola going to see Summer basically making her believe she wasn’t good enough for Ale
    At the end of the season 3 episode 8- what was the meaning of meeting Summer and saying she always comes in the end and then just switches screens and we see Ale and Lola leave together. Doesn’t make sense
    Why was Summer’s final confirmation that she “I love him”, Ale dropped when she shared that with Lola? Lola knew summer was in love with him
    So many strings need to be tied up

  8. Disappointed that Summer (surely the star and the show’s namesake) is left behind at the end with her first love Ale and Lola sailing off into the sunset. Boo! Teen romances need to be happy! Gidget and Moon Doggy ended up happily ever after after all

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